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    Awards Question

    I'm at a school without any sort of admin or S-1 I can go to for this... one of my buddies called me and told me my old unit 24th MEU BLT 1/6 was awarded a Navy Meritorious Unit Commendfor when I was with 1/6 in Afghanistan two years ago. I don't have any sort of IPAC type place to go to, how can I get this added to my MOL? I have to wear my Service Charlies next week, if this award is not on my MOL even though I meet all the criteria for it and do infact rate it, am I still allowed to wear it?

    Where can I find the official order stating which units got this award?


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    (MOD TO MARADMIN 320/09)

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    look up NAVMC 2922 and find your unit. Also, if it was just recently awarded look a recent MARADMINS the subject you'll want is "Awards Update"

    Once you find the award in either the NAVMC or the MARADMIN, take a copy of that and your pg 3 (The one that show what units you were in and when you were there) to S-1 and they'll hook you up.

    I wouldn't wear it until you get admin to give you the thumbs up. Then again, if you know for a fact you do rate it, you could always wear it to speed up the process a bit if your chain of command wants to pitch a fit over it.

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    That says 28FEB06-09FEB07... not when I was in Afghan in 2008? Is that correct or?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Accord View Post
    That says 28FEB06-09FEB07... not when I was in Afghan in 2008? Is that correct or?
    Sorry, I am still stuck in '08, when I read that you "deployed two years ago" I thought 2006. If the deployment was in 2008 that is not the award you are looking for. For example, that MARADMIN includes my deployment (3/8) which took place Mar 2006 though Oct 2006.

    You said it was while you were a BLT correct? In that case the only thing I turned up with a quick search was a NUC for BLT 1/6 with 24 MEU in 1999.

    I am not totally up on this award finding thing, I just go to, click advanced search and the top, and check the MARADMINS box; maybe you can find it by searching for the MEU instead of your BN I don't know.

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    If you go to MARADMIN Active Number: 211/10 It says that the 24th MEU and blt 1/6 rates the Meritorious Unit Commedation. I'm not sure exactly what you need to give to the admin guys but good luck.

    -messina 1/6 hard

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    I have a simillar situation, i left the marines in '98 and now im back in the service but in the ARMY (yeah i know, but the corps wouldnt take me back). My question is how do i look up past awards for the unit. i was in 1/1 with 13th and 15th meu from '94 thru '98. Please help.

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    The uniform section has the most current NAVMC as a sticky. Moved to there.

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    How random is it that I would find another person from 3/8, AND they were in Ramadi the same time I was? Thanks for the info about the order I would have never known that if I didnt stumble upon this post.

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