0861 - Fire Direction and Control Specialist
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    0861 - Fire Direction and Control Specialist

    Im down at RSS Arrowhead in Glendale Arizona,
    I ship out September 7th, and my future MOS will be 0861.

    I have asked my recruiter several times what this will be like, and he said my best bet was to find a Marine and hear it from them.

    So, if any Marine who is an Fire Direction and Control Specialist, or is within that MOS Field could tell me a little about what i should do to help get myself ready for this MOS and what a typical day is, i will be very grateful.

    Thank you for your time!
    -Taylor Baker

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    Have you checked this thread out......
    0861 / Fire Support Man / Scout Observer

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    Are you a reservist? If not, you are misunderstanding what your MOS will be.

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