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    Open Contract Question

    Hey Marines
    A couple months back I posted a question about enlisting after knee surgery, and fortunately it looks like the surgery wont be much of an issue. I took my ASVAB yesterday and passed, so now Im just waiting for my letter of release from my doctor in a few weeks. My recruiter told me that the soonest I could ship would be in October, which is fine with me. Its a bit longer than I'd like but I can live with it, however my recruiter suggested after my doctors papers come in that I go to MEPS and then just sign an open contract while I wait for my MOS choice (0311) to open up, which would be in october. Would this be a good choice? I've heard that with an open contract you can just be assigned any MOS the Marine Corps needs, and my recruiter told me that could happen. Would just waiting until October to sign my contract as an 0311 be a better way to go? Just wondering, thanks Marines

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    Guaranteed contract is always better than open, even if it's 0311...

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    It's right what the Cpl said, open contract they will put you where you are needed, back in my day I saw guaranteed contracts get broken because the Corps needed people in certain Mos's, Good Luck.

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    I think your recruiter is wanting you to sign an open contract then wait for an 03xx opening next fiscal year. You do not have to ship without the contract you want. If you sign now it will be easier to get that slot when it opens. I did something similar.

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    From what recruiters on the forums have said, they will not send you to boot camp with an open contract nowadays. You will get a job-specific contract before you ship. Open contract's just a way to get your foot in the door.

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    Ok thats good to know. I was just worried about getting put in an MOS I didnt want at all, from what I hear the Marine Corps is doing pretty good on recruiting at the moment though, so I guess that would lower the chances of being assigned a "as needed" MOS perhaps? The open contract would get me into the system, and that would be nice. Thanks for your help Marines.

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