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    Author Thomas E. Ricks, former Wall Street Journal coorespondent wrote his book "Making Marines" following his first-hand observation of Marines in Somalia. Although the author was never a Marine or in any other military service, he was so intrigued by what he saw young Marines accomplish he decided to write a book on how the Corps trains and prepares its Marines for service. I remember a great phrase he used that explains it all. It went something like this:

    "In my office we don't even let a 19-year-old run the copy machine. We would never entrust them with such a piece of equipment. The Marines not only teach and train such young men to lead others and accomplish vital missions. They entrust these Marines with weapons, responsiblity and lives."

    This quote was made referring to the 19-year-old fire team leader who not only kept his Marines safe, but also Ricks as he accompanied them through the often hostile streets of Somalia.

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