Is the young marines or mcjrotc worth getting into?
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    Is the young marines or mcjrotc worth getting into?

    ive talked to people in my school about the young marines or marine corps junior reserve officers training corps but ive heard its just like boy scouts which i dont want to do if it is. anyone have kids that were in this? im 15 so idk if im too old for the young marines and if im too young for mcjrotc, thanks

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    You're posting in the wrong part of the forum. Open Squad Bay is for Marines only.

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    Just to throw it out there the Young Marines is a great program. I started Young Marines in 6th grade, Attended many national encampments at Quantico and other bases and was chosen to attend the first ever Young Marines Staff NCO Academy at Parris Island when I was 17 (1995) I believe lol. I was a contract E-2 because of the young marines. Hell I knew and executed USMC NCO sword manual better than most ncos and I wasnt even in the Marines yet. I learned alot. You must be between the ages of 8 and 18 to join up.

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    My daughter did Young Marines and loved every minute of it. Of course, we were at Camp Lejeune at the time but it was a blast for her. She was 8 years old, the youngest you could do the 'Recruit Training'. And yes they treated them like Recruits.

    She's 19 now and the only framed cert she cares about is the YM one. She's been a State champion public speaker, got other trophies and such...but the only thing on her wall is that.

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    Young Marines and Marine JROTC are a bit different.

    Young Marines is a youth program operated by the Marine Corps League. It is co-ed, age 8 through high school. The Marine Corps does officially support this program in various ways. Young Marines are under no obligation to join the Marine Corps afterward. There are rank incentives if you do.

    Marine JROTC is a co-ed program supported by the Department of Defense and Marine Corps for high school students only in certain high schools that choose to have Marine JROTC versus Navy, Army, or Air Force JROTC programs (or none). These are high school credit programs (normally PE credits) and are instructed by retired Marines (usually one officer and one staff NCO are assigned at each school, but bigger programs may have more than one staff NCO). There is no obligation to join the Marines, or any other branch, by being in JROTC. There are rank incentives if you do.

    You can research both organizations on-line and decide which fits best for you.

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    Good info right there ^^^^

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    If I were you I would stay out of trouble, stay in shape, and just enjoy being a kid.

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    When using the words Marine Corps, they will be capitalized at all times. You may want to familiarize yourself with the site rules in the poolee and Ask A Marine forums too.
    Oh, and I don't like you using the user name 'Semper Fi' since you're not a Marine.

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    Semper, she means well in correcting the ones who may fall short of some rules, using Semper Fi as you user ID is an opinion, there is nothing wrong with it.

    Now you said your father created the account, there are only three post and they are all by you, as well as the account was created this month, therefore the assumption would be that this is your account. There is no need to ask someone for details when the information is in the profile.

    Who is you father with?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Semper Fi 15 View Post
    well first this isnt my Leatherneck account, it's my dads and while hes fighting for his country in Afganistan I'd thought I'd use it, and be for you start insulting people you should ask first k? how about you familiarize yourself with manors.

    Watch it, your dad may be a Marine -- but you are not. Know your role.

    Strange how it's a new account, and you are/have been the only one using it. What is your dads unit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Semper Fi 15 View Post
    well first this isnt my Leatherneck account, it's my dads and while hes fighting for his country in Afganistan I'd thought I'd use it, and be for you start insulting people you should ask first k? how about you familiarize yourself with manors.
    Mind your manners there young man. If this was your fathers account, he wouldn't be 15 years old like your profile says and would have more than 3 posts, and instead of Marine Friend it would be Marine, or 'you' simply could've registered as Marine Family. And I know if my father was a Marine, I would have my dad as my favorite Marine.
    But since this is 'your account', read the rules in the poolee and Ask A Marine fourms.
    Rule Six never use the words Semper Fi, Semper Fidelis or OORAH you do not rate that here until you have earned the title of United States Marine!

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    And if your father has an account here on Leatherneck, what's "his" user name?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Semper Fi 15 View Post
    well he made this account and never went on it so i used it. he chose the name and the reason why he isn't my favorite is because Evan James is my cousin who was KIA, so please mind your business.
    Leave the attitude at the door there young man. Remember, you're are on a Marine Corps site, not some other site that you can shoot your mouth off on whoever you want.
    Maybe, just maybe, if you gave a bit more info about 'yourself' in your original post and in your profile, no one would get on your case.
    Now, if your father did register as a member here, he wouldn't have registered as a Marine Friend, he would've registered as a Marine.....and he wouldn't be 15 years old.

    Your cousin was KIA, I'm sorry to hear that.

    So, what unit is your father with in Afghanistan? Tell us a bit about him, maybe some of the Marines who are on active duty here served with him.

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    And just because you say your father is a Marine, doesn't give you the right to come on a Marine Corps and talk to Marines any way you want.
    So, instead of getting an attitude, how about telling us Marines about your dad. Like I said in my previous post, maybe some of the Marines here may have served with him.

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    Jeez, back in the good ole' days people would pretend to be Marines. Now we got people pretending to be Marine dependents.

    Whats next? "I adopted a dog that used to work with the Marine MPs!!!"?

    Your 15 year old dad created this acct 5 days ago, from Afghanistan, and you say "he never used it"? Well, hell, you never gave him a chance, spud. Your post was made 1 day after the acct was created. Nothing worse than a ****ing liar. Get your **** together.

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