Hello everybody.

I am currently in a strange situation and I thought someone here may be able to offer me some insight.

Currently, I am a full time college student and a full time worker. The remainder of my credits are all online courses however.

Anyways, I have a chance to take the PFT for PLC this summer in a few weeks. I do not believe I stand any chance at passing it, however. I am 5'10 160 lbs and while I do hit the gym every now and then, I have been slacking on that front the past few years due to sheer business.

I was really hoping for OCS this October, but my recruiter stressed how difficult it was to get in and they may not even have any available slots...and I obviously cannot do the PLC next Summer, since I will have graduated.

So am I screwed? I've been wanted to be a Marine Officer since I was 14 and would be heartbroken if I threw away by chance because of procrastination and being a work horse at a temp job.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.