Question about a medical waiver
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    Question about a medical waiver

    I've been looking all over the web and I can't seem to find anybody that has had the same condition/surgery as me and also tried to get a military medical waiver for it.

    I had a condition called thoracic outlet syndrome which resulted in thrombophlebitis of my right subclavian vein. In January 2009 I had a first rib resection to remove both of my top ribs, and I was told that this surgery fixed the problem and there was pretty much no chance of a recurrance. I've made a full recovery and have returned to all of my previous activities and am working out again like normal.

    I'm really bummed out though because the doctors at meps wrote no waiver recommended on my med docs. Is there any chance I could wait a little longer and try again or do I just need to move on with my life?

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    How about filling out all of your profile so the Marines who are going to answer your questions, know who they are talking to.

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    The doctors at MEPS would know better than any of the Marines here on Leatherneck, and if they said there is no waiver recommended, then I guess there's no waiver.
    It might be time to move on with your life.
    Good luck to you.

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    I'm afraid what WM has said is correct. Once the "MEPS Gods" "No Waiver" you, that's pretty much it. Sorry.

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