15 College Credits???
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    15 College Credits???

    I was going to join the Navy and since they allow a certain amount of people without their high school diploma to join, I was shooting for that. I took the ASVAB and did well (56). My physical was "incomplete" because I had a knee operation about 10 years ago and had a weird scar. All I need is my medical records, it was just a vein cluster that needed to be removed or untangled I don't remember. So, at the last moment I grew some balls and decided to join the Corps. I was talking to my recruiter and he told me I need 15 college credits along with my GED. Is this true?

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    Exclamation There is truth to that statement

    The Marine Corps, like all the branches can take folks with a GED. However, the percentage is very small. In fact, it's two percent of all enlistments (We enlist nearly 40,000 annually). So, you are talking 800 GED spots per year, nationwide for the USMC. Obviously, these are given out on a "best qualified" and "first come, first served" basis. You improve your chances of getting in with a GED if you have the 15 college credits. With the college credits, you are considered equal to a traditional HS graduate and not a GED. GED's get a bum rap because most people think GED'ers are quitters and it is easier to get the GED certificate than gut out four years in traditional HS to get the actual diploma. So, get the credits if you must, or ask your recruiter how many GEDs he has enlisted this year and can you speak to his commander to plead your case to be allowed in with a GED alone. Good luck.

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    Thanks a lot Sixguns, I appreciate it. Maybe within the next few months I'll FINALLY be able to enlist.

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    unless something has changed

    Ok, I know I have been off recruiting duty since '95 but I dont think things have changed that much.

    I believe your recruiter is correct. I put in a guy that had a GED and the credits (his credits were from job corps, just a tech school but it was listed as accredited in the books)- but not to steer you wrong - you dont need the GED, the college credits alone put you into a completly different catagory.

    Check with your recruiter to get the real scoop.


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    Arrow Already has the GED


    This prospect already has a GED. That makes him a Tier II. You are right, the 15 credits would make him a Tier I. THat is exactly my point. He already has a GED. The only thing that can improve his standing is the college credits to make him a Tier I.

    Congratulations on your years of service. I look forward to retirement later this year. Thanks for providing input in this forum.


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    I'm a senior this year and planning on finishing and getting my diploma. I also have about 12 college credits. Does that change anything for me? What is the difference between the tiers?

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    Not sure what you mean...


    Are you getting a high school diploma? Where did the 12 college credits come from?

    The Tiers represent different categories and quality standards in recruiting. Because of enlistment standards, only small percentages of applicants can come from the lower tiers (Tier II and Tier III). Almost 96% of all applicants enlist as Tier I's. This Tier represents individuals who have a four-year (traditional) high school diploma or students who have 15 college credits. The college credits are viewed to be equal to the H.S. diploma. Appliants with 15 college credits do not have to possess a H.S. diploma to enlist.

    If you enlist with a high school diploma and have completed a semester of college, you could qualify for a promotion. That means instead of shipping to training as a Private, you'd be a Private First Class.

    I hope that answers your question.

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    I am going to finish high school first. I have taken a lot of classes at a community college too. Those credits would be extra college credits and would hopefully count as that first semester in college and lead to the promotion.

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    Getting in marines with a GED

    In July of 06 I had signed into the DEP program... I had exited DEP about January of 07 because I had dropped out of school and figured I could not go in with a GED. A recruiter at the port richey office called me and said if I got my GED he could get me in still and I had not gotten my GED until Octobed of 07. The recruiter in Brooksville now keeps telling me I need 15 college credits which I wouldn't mind getting but the fact I don't have the money to afford classes is the only thing keeping me back. I know the whole GED thing means your a quitter but I did it so I wouldn't have to stay in school another year to make up a credit and a half making in longer before I could go in. I want to know if there is anyways I can contact a head recruiter and see if I can get it with just my GED or else I am possibly thinking of joining the Army. Can somebody please help me?

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    Wow, this post was resurrected from 2002. Read the rules, fill out your profile and you may get answers.

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    Take it from me..

    It is not easy to get in with a GED. I have been waiting for a year now, for a spot to open. Now, I am enrolled in school, to finally get my diploma and I get a call from a few recruiters in my area, telling me the Marines are finally letting in a small number of them at the end of this month. Guess that's how life works. Unfortunately for me, I still have my medical situation being reviewed by BUMED.

    Get your college credits or go enroll in a local high school that offers night classes. Some high schools that do, will get you an actual diploma for completing the credits you missed while you were in school.

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    You may want to see if there's an "alternative" high school in your area. Lots of them offer classes at odd hours and dumb it down(pc based) so you can just speed through. You could also qualify for education assistance in your area for college since you say you can't afford it. Try contacting the admissions counselor. If you qualify but have transportation problems as a student public transportation(bus) might be free. It's free in Tempe for students. You never know what you qualify for until you start looking it all up. Filling out your profile would help.

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    Ok... So I am able to go back to high school and take night classes to get my highschool diploma even though I have my GED??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bretticus
    Ok... So I am able to go back to high school and take night classes to get my highschool diploma even though I have my GED??

    Correct. You have to find a school who offers the course though. Also you need to make sure it is a REAL diploma. A lot of places offer a diploma that says for example ' State of NJ Diploma ' on it. Thats no better than a GED. You need one that says a specific high school on it. ust ask the school before enrolling, if you will recieve a REAL diploma.

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    PS: Ask your recruiter about this and he should know a high school in your area who offers it.

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