Correct dress code Honor Party
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    Correct dress code Honor Party

    Dear sirs,
    I am a new member of this forum, I am not ex-marine but I am ex-Australian Army.
    I am also a keen scale modeler and I am currently sculpting a figurine in Dress Blues - as worn by a Senior NCO. From what I have read the Blues 'B' class uniform (ribbons only) is appropriate but I see many images of Honor Guard members wearing full medals.
    - are medal groups mandatory or are ribbons (only) also appropriate?
    - would his belt display the EGA?
    If you are prepared to help with this enquiry - I know you guys would want me to get the details right! - it would be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards Scott (uncle-percy)

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    Dress Blue B's are ribbons and badges only. Dress blue Alphas are medals over the left breast pocket with ribbons that don't rate medals over the right breast pocket. The Eagle Globe and Anchor would be on the buckle with a wreath around it, but not closing at the top.

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    Correct dress code Honor Party

    Thanks artypig,
    maybe I need to rephrase...are Dress Bues B's appropriate for an Honor Party? Or should tA's always be worn? Is either A's ore B's OK?

    Cheers, uncle-percy

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    Either Alaphas or Bravos are appropriate. The only time I ever wore Alpha's was the Marine Corps Birthday. In most cases the Bravo's were worn.

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    Sorry, most formal occassions the Alpha's are worn but Bravos are acceptable unless otherwise stated for the occassion at hand. By the way, where are you located?

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    "Honor party"? By that, do you mean a funeral detail?

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    Hi, yes I mean funeral detail, which I thought is called an Honor Party.
    Would Funeral Detail be the correct expression?

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    Correct, sir.

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    Correct dress code Funeral Detail

    Thanks for the feedback.
    I also have one other question regarding the funeral ceremony.
    Can anyone tell me how big would the folded flag would be? (NB when it is folded ready for presentation to NOK).
    Its really hard to tell when looking at photographic reference.
    Best regards, uncle-percy

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    Rough estimate, I would say a foot long by about six inches high. I'm not really sure, those are just guesstimates. Hopefully someone else will chime in. I'm assuming you're talking about the triangular fold?

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    thanks for that.
    Yes I'm basing on the 5'x9-1/2' flag (triangular fold).

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