Types of Medical Discharges
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    Types of Medical Discharges

    I was just curious as to how bad the injury would have to be (at bootcamp) to get medically discharged from USMC boot camp. Would they discharge you for a stress fracture, broken ankle, leg, etc. I tried the "search" but for some reason, My PS3 web browser is not letting me click "GO"

    Thanks in advance Marines.

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    We use to have what was called the lame platoon but if you ended up there your training days didn't count I couldn't tell you how it is today.

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    Why do you ask about something like that. You lookin' to get hurt in boot camp?

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    it all just depends on the injury...they are case by case basis...

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    Ah ok. No, im just curious because I hear people say they were medically discharged but never explain whats wrong. I just feel (personally), that if I dont make it, it will be because of something I cant help, like an injury etc. Im not really worried about anything else. Before I catch flame for that, let me say, No I dont think it will be easy, but I will not lag nor give up. Just paranoid, thats all. Well, Thanks Marines.

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    Don't go to boot camp with the attitude thinking that you'll get hurt, because you will. You need to be positive and just take one day at a time......and always be careful.

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    Section Eight ?

    There was one guy, in Plt. 257, who got Medical Discharge. He did it, by washing his hands. (I may have already posted this story) This guy would break formation, to wash his hands, Any time the platoon got anywhere near a water source, he would run out of ranks, and wash his hands. No matter what the DIs did, to stop him, he kept it up. After a week of this, Sgt. Henderson took him to the base hospital, for a phsyce Eval. He was discharged, as 'Mentally unfit'. The day he was taken out of PI, he bragged, in front of the rest of the platoon, that he had faked the problem, to get out of the Corps. Several of the people in the platoon wanted to take him apart. We were all glad to be rid of him. S/F!! Ken

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    Better to get rid of him early then getting stuck digigng for him the rest of boot camp...

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    When I was in there were medical discharges for being nuts and heat stroke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doc h fmf View Post
    there were medical discharges for being nuts
    LOL! They must have just weeded out the ones that were a harm to themselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dROD20 View Post
    it all just depends on the injury...they are case by case basis...

    I was injured and spent a couple months in MRP until my ankles healed up. While I was there I met guys that had been on depot for over six months, some of them still awaiting further surgeries. Stress fractures, especially femoral neck stress fractures, are pretty tough to get past. I'm not sure what the SOP is on how long they'll keep a broken recruit around before discharge but a lot depends on the physician's recommendation.

    There's also the notion that if you get broken in boot camp, they'll try to unbreak you before letting you go. The reasoning is that if you get injured while in boot camp you are still eligible for disability. It's not a pretty process to go through and you have to be seriously injured to the point that it'll actually hamper you back in the civilian world. But the point is that they don't want to have to pay for someone that was only in the service for a month before breaking his back if they can just hold onto him for a few more months and let him heal up.

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