Just graduated from Parris Island
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    Just graduated from Parris Island

    3rd Bn India Co. PLT 3013 on 20100129

    Not sure if this was the place to post this but how can change my status/member ID?

    Thanks and good luck future marines

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    Congratulations Marine !

    Must feel good to be back home. Enjoy your leave

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    Congratulations Marine and welcome home. I changed your membership status and you are now in uniform. You have earned the right to post anywhere on this site with the exception of Poolee Hall. Now enjoy your leave you earned it.



    No better friend/No worse enemy

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    Congratulations Marine.

    I would like to know some tips as well, if you don't mind.

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    Congratulations, and give us some tips Marine!

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    Congratulatios Marine!

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    Congrats Marine!

    To all the poolees, he cannot give tips because he is now a Marine and cannot post in here anymore.

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    unsure of what to do

    For about a year I was a poolee and in the DEP program, I kept on getting my ship date pushed back and finally on my fifth time being pushed back I was fed up and gave up as well, something I myself am not to thrilled about doing. My question is that after being "gone" and not able to ship I really want to do whatever I have to get back into dep and become a Marine. I most definitely will be going to another recruiting office.

    My main question is will all my test scores and information still be in good standing or will I have to repeat the whole process.

    --still hoping to one day become a Marine--

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