Thought this might be of some small interest to some.


The Marine Corps, per contract notation "loan(ed) impression hubs to the contractor" and also supplied the ribbons.

April 30, 1940 THe Robbins Company was awarded a contract for 8,000 GCMs at a cost of .18 each.

April 30, 1940 The Metal Arts Company was awarded a contract for 5,000 GC Bars at a cost of .0725.

Under contract NOm-27550 engraving was paid at a rate of .50 per 100 characters or letters for the fiscal year beginning July 1940 to June 30, 1941.

The engraver was R. Barclay Adams located 1327 F Street, NW, Washington D.C.


Some trivia with this:

The contract for the medal was just that, the medal, no ribbon.

Engraving was normal on USMC Good Conducts until about 1943. Same with Purple Hearts. Stopped then due to the larger numbers of Marines.

The 'bars' were for additional awards. Instead of today's 'Star' for 2nd/3rd etc awards, you got a bar, that was suspended from the Medal ribbon that stated 2nd Award etc. (You did wear a star on your ribbon, however). This also stopped circa 1943.

----Information courtesy of the US Militaria Forum.