Working on his Welcome Home present...
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    Working on his Welcome Home present...

    My son will be back from his 1st deployment sometime around mid-year. we are working on his 72 Charger. Fixing up the Charger has also helped me while he is away ... It helps me to concentrate on the big smile he going to have on his face. I'm not trying to ignore my anxieties, but just focus more on my pride and gratitude.

    It got a new motor about four weeks ago and just this week we had other engine stuff done. (Sorry ... you'd have to get my husband on here for specifics ... to me it's "engine stuff.") Now we are ready for new wheels and rims, interior work and hopefully a new paint job ... and other detail work.

    Here's a few pictures of what it looks like now and one picture of the new motor. When it is all dolled up I'll post new pictures.

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    Awesome, simply awesome.

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    nice wheels i have a 66 gto you can take care of it if you want to lol

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    Thats a Beautiful thing yall are doin! Nothing beats working on an engine! I remeber helpin my Dad with the cars that go on by....Hell love what yall are doing = ) Hope and pray that hes home comin goes well

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    Semper Fi,

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    OUTSTANDING! You will bring a tear to that Marines eye.

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    Looking good, Semper Fidelis.

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    Thanks ... it's a real good feelin' getting it all fixed up.


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    Just one question "Forever Proud" Are y'all interested in adopting a 43 year old Marine? Thanks for giving us your son! I think it is awsome what y'all are doing for him.

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    OUTSTANDING!! but I'm just a little partial to MOPARS anyways

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    That is a "Truly Amazing" welcome home present.

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    Thanks you all. I do wish I could do the same for each and everyone of you

    Cudadad....MOPARS are cool!

    I'm going to try and get started on the wheels and rims tomorrow ... looking around. Not really sure where to head. I've been online doing all kinds of searches, trying to decide what my son might like. My husband mentioned that John had talked about getting two different size tires... I guess larger tires for the back.

    I picked up a couple of catalogs for rims from American Eagle Wheel ... and the other is American Racing .... real nice catalogs with tons of stuff. I was told that I might want to look at the American Racing Hot Rod because it is for older cars. They all look good to me ... but I'll ask one of his buddies here at home to take a look.

    I'm just excited. My son didn't have a car the whole time he was Pendleton. He always just wanted to get the Charger fixed and running. My husband and I share one car, so there wasn't any to pass on... so for me I'm just happy he's going to have his Charger once he's back.

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    Kudos on a great welcome home present. You guys could always put an ad on your local craigslist with items you are looking for. When folks hear of what you are doing, I think you will get a great response. Semper Fi.

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    Thats very nice.....

    I am past deployment age....but I will take a trip and come back if I can get someone to do that for me.....

    Any takers.....

    I'm house trained....have all my shots....don't ask for too much....and I'll stay on the porch....unless I had a toy like that.

    In all seriousness...wishing your son well....and post the Kodak moment when he see his refurbished new ride.

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    Wow - really neat thing for you to do for your son. Let me tell you what we did for our son while he was in boot at PI. He has a 1999 300 Chrysler, silver, fully loaded - real pretty car. Before he left he smashed it up and it was parked in the garage. Well, we decided after what he chose to do we had to do something real special for him. So we poured blood, sweat and then some more sweat (and tons of money) into this car - brand new tires, rims, had the AC system fixed and charged, had the front end damage repaired, had the body damage repaired, new battery, lug nuts - hey why not - my son is going to be a US Marine, right? so we got it in cherry shape - drove it to PI to pick him up - if you couldve seen the look on his face - precious, we drive home to NY, the ac cranking and it was hot in July in S Carolina and the car is great!
    The day before he left for MCT he cracked it up again, its still in the garage.
    True story.
    Kids today.

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