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    Possesion Waiver HELP

    im 19 years old 6'2 240 im working on the weight issue

    BACK IN 2004 i was arrested for a possesion charge it was a misdermenor. and i had the files sealed after 5 years . i have been crime free and drug free since that day how hard would it be for me to get in please help

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    Please complete your profile so we know whom we are addressing....


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    ok its updated

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    First, talk to a recruiter who'll start you on the process. Next, if that is your ONLY issue, then it's waiverable.

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    its my biggest issue cause i havent commited any crimes as a adult only as a juvenile i have that possesion charge and a curfew charge and they say thats only as serious as about a parking ticket but thats ALL THATS ON MY RECORD is those 2 things both have been sealed

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    Doesn't matter if they are sealed or not. The Marine Corps still will need to know, and will find out. Regardless, they are minor and shouldn't be an issue. Call a recruiter ASAP and get your process started.

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    how is my weight height though im 6'2 240 will they take me at that ..... so what are my chances of getting those charges waived percent wise

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    TALK to a recruiter. Only they can tell you that. Search 'height and weight standards on this site and they'll tell you. Use google, it's a great resource.

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