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    Anyone else get a bonus for their job? My recruiter somehow got me one with my infantry contract. I didnt even think The Marine Corps gave Bonuses, let alone for infantry.

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    Yah I got one for infantry to.

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    Hmm, it was my understanding as well there were no bonuses given. Interesting.

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    I just got one yesterday for Aviation Elecronics. When I signed up I was told that no bonuses were available. I wasn't looking for one so it was a nice suprise.

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    There are certain bonuses for certain jobs. At times there can be a bonus for infantry if there is a larger demand for that job. If they need slots filled for a specific MOS than they throw a bonus on top of it so they get it filled faster. It is my understanding that if you sign up for 03xx for 5 years you get a 7500 bonus. That is what I was offered, but I turned it down. My contract is 4 years 03xx no bonus.

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    i woulda signed that 5 year contract in a heartbeat if i knew about it lol

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    I have an 03XX contract but i did not get my bonus for it i got my bonus for leaving on the 25th.

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    I got 03xx for four years, with the bonus. It was a nice surprise, I didnt even ask about them or anything. I just wish they would have gave me a sooner date. Hopefully after the pool scrub next month some spots will open up

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    I wasnt offered any bonus because at the time of my enlistment there wasn't any left. Of course I wish I could have the money but I didn't want to wait a few more months to do so. I wanted to leave as soon as possible.

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    When I was filling out the paperwork for 0231 my recruiter just told me out of the blue that there was a $7500 bonus that comes with it. I think they tell you after you've entered into DEP so you don't just join for the money.

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    being a Marine is one hell of a bonus too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OReilly21 View Post
    being a Marine is one hell of a bonus too.
    Damn right...

    I got a for 03xx but i turned it down because i really want my Combat Engineer MOS. It most likely that you'll get a bonus especially with a good ASVAB score for 03xx

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    After I swore in I waited seemed like forever, which was only 2 months of waiting for my contract. Took my DLAB, passed signed my contract and found out the next day that I had a bonus too.

    Couldn't believe it, because I also heard no bonuses! Especially since I swore in at the end of the fiscal year I had no idea what was to be expected. I know a bunch of other poolees at our RSS that are doing infantry got bonuses as well as some of the females that are doing Aviation Electronics that got them too! I think the infantry ones were bonuses that were extended contracts, don't quote me on that though.

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    The bonus of becoming a Marine should go without saying.

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