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    New Marine

    I Just graduated 3rd Battalion Mike company platoon 3005 yesterday..
    SDI Ssgt. Iddins
    DI Ssgt. Childs
    DI Ssgt Donnely
    DI Sgt Askew ..
    My best advice is dont try to go in there thinking you know evertything...
    Show your drill instructors you can be diciplined but also tough enough to show them you have true core values..Integrity is important..Drill instructors Work harder then anyone you will ever know.and they expect the same from you..dont try to be the cool didnt go to Parris island to make friends your going to better yourself..Pay attention to everything EVERYONE learns..every Drll movement the squad leaders and guide have to know ..YOU SHOULD KNOW IT TO..that will give you a HUGE advantage..and i promise a oppurtunity will come to prove yourself..if you work hard enough for the stick..know what to do if you get it..i can go on throwin lil tips forever if u have quastion ask..ill make sure i try to help you learn from my mistakes

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    Congratulations Marine!

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    Congratulations Marine and Welcome to the Family!!!
    Contact a Mod and have your Status changed.

    Semper Fi,

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    Welcome to the Marine Corps family and CONGRATS on EARNING the title United States Marine!

    Ooh-Rah and Semper Fi!

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    WELCOME to the brotherhood.....
    Congratulations JARHEAD.....................Ed

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    Congrats Marine! Would have been there along side you on the parade deck if it wasn't for the damn weather. We had our ceremony in the theater.

    Semper Fi!

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    Congratulations. I hope to be where you are soon. May i ask if there was anything you wish you were better prepared for when going?

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    Leadership.I was Never a leader until I Was Taught it at boot camp..I wish I could have went into boot camp with leadership traits instead of learning them all their..Maybe I would be a PFC if I would start trying to learn honor courage and commitment now.When your mom tells you to do the dishes instead of thinking"AHHH not again" think ok something productive to do..the earlier in boot camp you ACT like a Marine the Better a Marine you will be in the end you are a butter knife trying to be sharpened into a are making yourself into a weopon..The Marine corps gives you the oppurtunity to be molded by The best and YOURSELF..if you like a quality someone has dont just like it, take it learn from it..if you think someone has good leadership style take from it and make it your own..if you like the way one specific drill instructor walks..Walk like are Your product..its up to you what you take out of the Corps nothing is givin have to work for EVERYTHING you get..REMEMBER that .

    Semper Fi!

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    Congrats. I graduated ahead of you by 3 weeks or so. You wouldn't know a Kevin Cheng would you? Always messing up, we dropped him to Mike Co. Wanted to know if he made it through.

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    Yes, recruit Cheng, from Plt. 2092 H Co. Biggest screw up ever but he could beat box to raise morale and entertain our SDI. I remember when you guys were on grass week, then one of the Drill Instructors made Cheng take our guidon as we waited for chow.

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    Congrats Marine .. My biggest concern is how long you get to take a S***, always been a big fan of sitting back and enjoying mine ..

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    Congrats Marine,welcome aboard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knudsen View Post
    Congrats Marine .. My biggest concern is how long you get to take a S***, always been a big fan of sitting back and enjoying mine ..
    You won't be able to get that comfortable in boot camp....LOL

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    Welcome to the Brotherhood!

    Semper Fi!

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    Welcome to the finest fighting force in the world, Congrats and Semper Fidelis.

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