Las Vegas Federal Building Shooting!
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    Las Vegas Federal Building Shooting!

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    Good they killed the suspect, but it came with a price with the life of the guard.

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    One less scumbag to house and feed. RIP for the guard (Retired copper).

    I weep for what this country is becoming, and fear for my children and grandchildren's future if any more democrats gain national office. We lose more and more freedoms every single day to creeping nannystatism and those who vote for Democrats only want to increase that. Anyone voting for a 'dem' is someone who likely wants to take everything YOU have worked for and mortgage your kids future as well.
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    Shotgun just thru the gate. Had SSI issues? Something like that. Our senator, Ensign said Why all the security? That's why.... Score,,,, One dead Hero,,,,, one dead loonie.

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