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    The pin is awarded to those who complete and pass the qualifications i.e.FMF Sailors and 8404 is not a requirement. See link.

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    This is HM1 (FMF) Doran....I obtained the 8404 designation in 1992, I was given an Honorable discharge in March 2000.

    The question that I have is: since my Honorable discharge was March of 2000 and the FMF pin was adopted in July of that it possible to get permission for the FMF pin. I had 17years in, and since that time frame have a disability that prevents me to re-enter and finish my twenty.

    Just curious, and it would mean alot.

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    You would have needed to pass the requirement and then have the device awarded to you.It is not retroactive for those who did not meet the requirements,you are still an HM8404 but cannot wear the device.

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    I was wondering do we get the grandfather clause I earned the FMF Ribion I did and passed the PFT, Passed essential subjects class and qualified expertand retired expert. ,and what about our brothers before us the Vietnam Vets?. No matter what I earned my title and respect of being my platoon Doc .

    Semper Fi and Fair Winds

    Stephen Doc Hansen HM3 FMF.

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    Doc Miller, saved my azz in 69...all ya'll have my respect......

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