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    Any questions?
    Can I be your partner?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WMarine View Post
    4th BN is located right next to Drill Instructor School.

    Fourth Recruit Training Battalion
    The Forth Recruit Training Battalion is led by Lieutenant Colonel Karla M. Jessup and Sergeant Major Laura L. Brown.
    this is a little outdated. LTCOL. Jessup is our Provost Marshal at our base now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fubar5812 View Post
    this is a little outdated. LTCOL. Jessup is our Provost Marshal at our base now.
    I guess the site where I got the info from didn't update that info.......thanks!

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    BEST....THREAD.....EVER in 'Ask a Marine'...


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    Quote Originally Posted by commdog7 View Post
    Phantom: You'd have to cut the hair to about a quarter of an inch. Then you take a regular black pen and draw the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor on. Have a partner do the drawing to make it accurate, or use a stencile to do it yourself... unless you are confident in your ability to draw upside down. Next, take a really small/percise razor and cut away all the hair on the outside of the drawing, then focus on the details within the drawing. You may have to cut each individual hair during this stage, and use NAIR as a finishing touch to remove any remaining hair in the way, but proceed with caution- even the smallest mistake could set you back a few months to try again. Once all the hair is cut, you can either wash off the pen markings or leave it on to define the symbol so there will be no confusion as to what it is. All done!

    Any questions?
    Now I'm wondering if it's possible for a male Marine to pull this off...

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    Now I'm wondering if it's possible for a male Marine to pull this off...

    Probally...but the Banana Islands may be the only thing showing on the globe.

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    hahahahahahahaha! Awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigAlHolmes165 View Post
    Pictures CD7, PICTURES!!

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    LMAO! This is giving me ideas... maybe I should start a business in pubic artistry, there is money to be made! What girl wouldn't want to decorate their most treasured area?

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    Take 2 good sportsbras. One will be in the wash, you wear the other. Take a weeks worth of panties, good cotton ones. I found it very easy to take a shampoo/conditioner in one bottle...this I used to shampoo and for bodywash. You don't have much time...for everything...probably won't have too much time for shaving...but you do have an hour's freetime...do with it as you will. Everything will be taken from you that isn't essential. You will be able to purchase feminine products if you need them. Some girls had their period all the time...I never got it once. So don't worry if your system goes wierd. It's normal. You can take an address book. You can buy stationary at bootcamp. Because it's different being a woman in the Corps...don't worry about the little boys comments!

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    Don't do it

    The best advice that I could give would be to just bring the clothes on your back and maybe your bible (if you are religious) with your address book in side it. Everything, I mean everything will be taken away from you at receiving, including anything hygiene items you bring. You have nothing of your own at bootcamp, it all belongs to your drill instructors and they "allow" you to use it. This includes hygiene items. They are going to have you buy everything from the px at 4th Bn anyway and put it in your whisky locker for storage. It is just easier to bring nothing and make your life easier in receiving.

    As to shaving, you are going to be so tired you aren't even going to want to shave. Plus you are not allowed to have razors because so many recruits have tried to cut themselves with them that they are a controlled item. You are allowed to keep the handle to your razor but your Senior Drill Instructor will keep all the razor heads and it is a "gift" from her when the platoon is doing well if she gives them to you or not. And your scribe will issue them to you and will then have to count every single one to make sure you give them all back after your showers. If one is missing, guess what, you will never see a razor again for the rest of your time in bootcamp.

    I do say bring as much white undies (grannie panties) and sports bras as you can bring. They are available to purchase at the Bn px, but I always found it easier to just have my friends send them to me in the mail. If you have good friends or parents they can always send you some nice smelling body wash, that is always a treat to get at mail call. You will be allowed to keep that from your mail call.

    Just stay tough and you will make it.

    Go Papa Company!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cpl KC View Post
    Go Papa Company!

    Fill out your profile

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    Quote Originally Posted by zx6rdr View Post
    Fill out your profile
    Yep, XZ likes a full profile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MossyRoc View Post
    I leave for Recruit Training on 20100104 and I am unsure of what I should really bring to Bootcamp. Will bras,sport bras, and underwear be distributed after arrival? What about purchasing tampons or pads? Should I bring a small amount of tampons and pads, for the first month and then purchase more when needed? Also, What are the rules regarding shaving the genital area? Am I allowed to bring an address book or should I only bring a few addresses on a single sheet of paper? I have very short hair, would I be allowed to bring hair care products? I would also like to know if I should bring deodorant, body lotion, shampoo, and conditioner? Even thoughI don't think that they'll allow us more than 60 seconds to shower and then another 30 seconds to get dressed so I don't think there will be time to shampoo, condition, and/or lotion up. Please help me bring only the essentials, I am not going on vacation so I don't want to over pack in anyway possible. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you for your time and wisdom.

    Poolie Vazquez
    ummm you need absolutely nothing to bring..you get it while you are there..there will be pads and tampons in the gear locker in the squadbay...or some Marine will give you some if you ned them at receiving..bring a list of the people that you want to write...and your id...THATS ALL YOU NEED!!!! I went to bootcamp on june 22...so its pretty recent and i don't think you should worry about shaving your genital area...once you hit the field its better that you don't...its meant for protection...trust me you'll be diving in mud, sand and not take showers every night when you are in the field...they just give you baby wipes...and yea no one is going to see you but other females...so yea

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkie View Post
    Yep, XZ likes a full profile.

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