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    Made it

    Graduated Recruit Training on December 18th, 2009.
    1st Battalion Charlie Company
    Platoon 1053
    SDI Sgt Mcnulty
    DI Sgt Cortez
    DI Sgt Poole
    DI Sgt Hernandez

    And as I'm writing their names now I've just realized that I miss them. Believe it or not, Poolees, you first hate them, tolerate them, then you come to love them, even when they are a pain in the ass- You wouldn't get anywhere in Recruit Training if they don't do what they do.

    Anyway, my Boot Camp experience was awesome. Definately a challenge. Met a lot of good people in my platoon. Those other 75 recruits you spend recruit training with, they become your family. I'm telling you, the camaraderie in boot camp, you can't get that anyplace else. The food is great, especially morning chow....

    That's all you get from me, Poolees, wouldn't want you to spoil your Recruit Training, would we?

    Stay motivated
    Ooh Rah

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    congrats Marine

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    Congratulations Marine.

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    Congrats, Marine!

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    Welcome home Marine! It seems like you just left a couple of weeks ago. Now enjoy your leave and stay moto theres still more fun ahead.

    Semper Fi


    No better friend/No worse enemy

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    Congratulations, Marine!

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    Congrats Marine!

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