Sunday Evening Poolee chat.
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    Sunday Evening Poolee chat.

    My sincerest apologies, fellow poolees, for not being there last night. My internet was down, and my neighboor has his wi-fi password protected.

    I hope it went smoothly, and I look forward to being there next week.

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    We had about 6 or 7 there at about 9. It was good. DON'T SLACK NEXT WEEK. Lol. no worries bro

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    My bad on this also, I was gone early in the day and didn't come home until like 11 so I didn't even get a chance to say I wasn't going to be here. Glad to hear some people made it.

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    ^_^ I was there. It's good stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enrique2010 View Post
    If you are looking where to participate in the chat, scroll to the top of the Leatherneck page, and near where you click "forums," there is a tab for "chat."

    This past Sunday, and next Sunday, too, this is where the fun is at. I want to say the Marines to Poolee ratio was 4:1 last Sunday. We had a few good conversations.

    See you there this Sunday.

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