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    Words to help

    I don't know how to write this but to say what's been on my mind and it would help to get feed back. Freshman Year in HighSchool MARINE recruiters came to my school same as ARMY recruiters, AIRFORCE, NAVY, they all came. THE MARINES stuck out to me the most, when I saw them in the lunch room they were always looking sharp, always had that look to them that made me think "WOW what a BA", I was always interested I couldn't stop looking at the table they set up in the lunchroom. So since Freshman year I always respected every MARINE I saw since, always looked at him/her as someone great, that's when my hope of one day becoming a MARINE started. I finally went and talked to one of the MARINE recruiters, before I was always nervous ya know, like when you get that gut feeling when you see someone famous or a family member you haven't seen for a long time but you know you always used to have fun and you missed them alot. Well One day i just went and talked to THE MARINE at the booth and after a couple minutes of conversation I figured out that he was one of the coolest guys I ever met. I told him how i felt about becoming a MARINE and how someday I will sign up. He told me to play as many sports as I can, to stay in shape and continue to feel the same way. Through these years I have done what he said, I've excelled at sports being All league, All-Southwest Ohio, being recruited by Division 1 college teams, and even wen to state in track, keeping my word i signed up at 18. Since my freshman year I looked into the USMC and i wanted to be a infantryman. Whenever I told anyone this they looked at me as though i was talking out the side of my neck or something, they always said things like, "Don't do that man", "What are you thinking", and most common, "Good Luck With that", but I knew the good luck wasn't genuine, it was meant as doubtful words. My parents know I joined, but they have a hard time understanding that Infantry is what I want to do, my dad tells me to do something else, but being an Infantryman is what I want to do, it's what i always wanted to do and what i've had my heart set on for the last four years and i feel as though that if I don't do it i won't be satisfied in THE USMC. I don't understand why he doesn't understand why I have to do this, I don't get why other people doubt it either and I guess I'm starting to doubt myself a little by saying maybe I'll choose MP as my MOS as a copout from choosing what I really want to do. Any Words?

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    Your heart will set you free,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, That's all this Vet knows.

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    Do what you want to do, dont worry about what other people say. In 20 years you may not even know any of those people, so why should they influence your choice?

    Stick to your guns so to speak and if you want to be a grunt, be a grunt.

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    Good Luck, The Few The Proud THE MARINES,OOHRAH.

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    Thankyou Sirs

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    Bingo. Do what YOU need to make you happy. Not what someone else needs. You are the one that has to look at yourself in the mirror every morning when you are old and gray, and say "Damn, I shoulda/woulda/coulda done......"

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    You might want to take some time and watch this Marine story, I think you'll get some inspiration out of it, especially toward the end.


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    No matter how well you explain what you are doing, there will still be people that don't understand it.

    Believe in yourself and make the most of this opportunity. When you look in the mirror you will know that you are living up to what you expect of yourself.

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    I'll tell you this much: 6 months down the line after SOI I was ready to run (as in UA). And this was in peacetime. After I was deployed things got bearable, but Infantry is a tough MOS. I'm not talking physically (though we have it the worst) but also mentally. The amount of **** you have to go through- like POG staff NCOs and green officers all wanting a piece of your ass- is staggering. Be warned.

    On the flip side, nowhere else will you meet the kind of guys I did. You become brothers. Guys were so close- it would startle you some of the **** that we did for each other. Also you do a lot of cool ****.

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