Combat Engineer Tasks in Iraq/Afganistan
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    Combat Engineer Tasks in Iraq/Afganistan

    I'm currently a poolee with the MOS of Combat Engineer. I've been told by my recruiters that combat engineers build, demolish, clear routes, ect. I'm curious to hear about some specific tasks that combat engineers are currently working on or typically do in Iraq and Afganistan.

    Thanks Marines,

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    I think it's fine that you want to know what combat engineers do in the Marines, but why don't you focus more on getting thru boot camp, SOI/MCT training and your MOS school first.

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    Try running a search, using google or one of the other search engines, for "Combat Engineers Afganistan" or something along those lines. That will likely get you some articles explaining what they've done and are doing.

    BUT, WMarine is correct, focus on accomplishing your prior mission FIRST, completing Recruit Training and MOS school. It'll likely be close to a year before you hit the FMF, and some time after that before you get 'in country'. Things will have changed significantly before then.

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    The afore mentioned recommendations are right on spot. Having worked with engineers over the years I like to joke a lot about them get used to building lots of ****ters.

    On a lighter note, most of the engineers I've know spent a lot of time going to the field and doing infantry type training. Your regular line platoon in a engineer company will have basic fire teams and machinegun teams and such. You'll spend a lot of time going out to the demo ranges and playing with det cord and blasting camps to create massive explosions using c4 and other fun toys.

    In country, well... someone has to find the mines I'm sure and Afghan has a lot. Of coruse that is "IF" you get 1371. You may end up getting tossed into another 1300 field like HE or utilities.

    The engineer school is at Camp Lejeune in Courthouse Bay where I worked for most of my time.

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    Thanks Marines for all your responses and info, I appreciate it.


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    What you do as an engineer is dependent on who you get attached to. If your attached to MLG (engineer support group), then you'll do more of the constructive side. If your with MarDiv, you'll do more of the destructive side. We're all doing route clearance right now, so your chances of getting detonated is pretty high.

    If you want know more, just shoot me a message.

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