Question regarding drug use in DEP
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    Question regarding drug use in DEP

    If you get a marajuana violation with your local town while waiting to leave for basic training for the marine corps, will it affect your eligibilty to leave. If so, are there any ways to mitigate any punishments such as getting an ACOD in court.

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    First, you're a fool for having anything to do with drugs if you have any plans on becoming a Marine. Second, of course it will affect you. If you don't tell your recruiter, he might not find out. But, if there is a security clearance investigation on you while you are in boot camp (if you make it that far), they will find out, and then hammer you for it. Not sure if you can get hit up for fraudulent enlistment, but it's not good. If I were you I'd tell your recruiter, and hopefully get a waiver for the violation. I'd also stop being a **** head and stop using drugs.

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    well i do plan on leaving for basic training, I have not told my recruiter yet, i would like to find out if im still eligible to leave for basic before i make any moves

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    If you're going to **** dirty at boot camp you'll just be discharged immediately anyway.

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    well then theoritically if dont ever get caught with drugs, will this violation disqaulify me from leaving for basic? im not trying to be a dick

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    Are you DEP'd in?

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    yes im dep'd in i already went through MEPS and everything, when i go to court im probably going to get an ACOD if that means anything

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    No idea what that means. But the fact you've already been processed in is not going to look good at all. Integrity is everything. Tell your recruiter.

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    Hey there wannabe, just to let you know, you're posting in the wrong part of the forum. Open Squad Bay is for Marines only. Read the headings over each forum. You're questions should be asked in the Ask A Marine fourm.

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    1234.... Troll!!!!!!!

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    The Corps is going to repeatedly ask you questions about changes since entering the DEP. This kind of thing happens all the time with applicants while on the DEP. You will not be able to avoid the question because recruitment is a continuing process all the way through boot camp.

    The Corps values moral character. The Corps works diligently to ensure that Marines and their families are not exposed to criminal elements. Therefore, the Corps will request a criminal record from your local law enforcement.

    So, if you remain silent on the issue and they discover your charge, they will boot you out of boot camp with no chance of returning. If you come clean now with the recruiter, he will likely petition for a waiver. The waiver may or may not be successful. Either way, the Corps WILL find out.

    Nothing would hurt worse than suffering 3-4 weeks of boot camp, just to get booted out for this offense. Any Marine worth an ounce of salt on this website is going to tell you to come clean up front. You are under a continuing duty of disclosure during your recruitment phase.

    Its an honor and privilege to be a Marine. Don't start your journey on a bad note that will haunt you for a long time, maybe even a life time.

    Best of luck.

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