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    I posted earlier, and I know this was a small group of marines. If anyone remembers me I was with Golf 2/4 weapons platoon. I was a 0331 machine gun section leader. My name is Cpl. Kevin Fahrendorff from Bloomington, MN. Semper Fi my brothers

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    Fuji Brothers, Contact Me A.S.A.P

    Calling all Fuji Brothers 2/4 etc.
    From October 19,1979
    Leave message and will get back to all.
    Semper Fi Brothers Ooohrahhhh

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    I was a young corporal with Echo company 2/4 and was at the fire. My name is Hector Lozada.

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    I was at Camp Pendleton, in the early 80's, knew a guy by the name of Al Higureda who was there at the fire. Just thinking about the stories he told gives me chills to this day. Still pray for those who lost their lives, and for you all who survived. To Ki Smith, earlier who posted that it was his fault...it's not your fault, it was an act of God, a typhoon that swamped the fuel bladder and pushed fuel down to burning heaters. Don't blame yourself man.

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    My brother my name is Robert Herrera at the time I was in Camp Fugi, year 1979 I was in Hotel Battery and I'm in search of my fellow marine brothers.

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    I was in Camp Fugi in 1979 in Hotel Battery. I'm finding it very hard coping with everyday life the flashbacks of my fellow Marines has left a depressed mode in my life.

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    I was there in 77. I was out and home when i heard of the fire. Knew where those bladders were and could see how it happened. RIP all who died and God Bless those who got out.

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    Hang in there, I'm cpl. Salinas from hotel company 2/4 horrible hogs. I loaded and drove many of the injured to three different Japanese hospitals.

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