North Carolina DMV LAWs - Turning In Plates
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    North Carolina DMV LAWs - Turning In Plates

    Prepping myself for another deployment, wondering something after reading the dmv's website and waiting on the phone with no success. for over a hour thought someone here might have a the answer.

    Ok In order to cancel Liability in N.C. you have to turn in your plates. My question is when I get back how do I renew my plates/Get them back is a saftey inspection is required? Am i supposed to drive my unregistered no license plate car to get a saftey inspection with no registration?

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    Just don't turn em' in, renew them once you get back.

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    trying to drop liability

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    I know in Nevada if you don't turn them in when you drop your insurance, it's a $250 fine to re-register. Be careful.

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    Just don't turn em' in, renew them once you get back.
    If you don't turn them in and you drop liability they will come gunning for you at your command. A registered car with tags requires liability in NC.

    Drop your coverage and go down to the DMV and turn in your plates....or you can send them to Raleigh.This will also relieve you of paying taxes for the time you are gone.

    NC DMV
    Mail and Distribution Unit
    3148 Mail Service Center
    Raleigh, NC 27699

    Write on the envelope License Tag Division...Put in a SASE with a note for a turn in receipt.

    The DMV last I knew didn't check for inspection.....when I left NC in January this year I was under the impression you still had to have your car inspected but there wouldn't be a decal in the window. Regardless the state and base will require proof.

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    might want to check to see if there is a clause for Military going overseas and have a form to fill out to notify them with.

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    I never dropped insurance to go on a was easier to just keep the liability on it...because if you do drop whatever fees you initially paid you will have to repay.

    Even though it will sit it would be cheaper to just pay for the six months and let it go to renewal...provided you are sure of how long you will be gone....and the vehicle is in storage and worth it. JMO.

    Don't know of any form for insurance...Taxes because of not claiming domicile yes.....provided the vehicle was not registered in NC.

    Call an insurance agent and ask them easier than trying the DMV in Raleigh.

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    Yeah, Ive been reviewing north carolina laws. It seems id be saving money to actually keep my Liability on my vehicle, and tags, rather than turning them in and paying renewal fee's and the hassle of these events when coming back from an deployment...... Thanks North Carolina for the great rules! Guess Ill be switching my vehicle over to Illinois when I return

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