Is soi graduation worth going to?
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    Is soi graduation worth going to?

    Will it be similar to parris island grad ? Will we be able to spend much time with our son before pds?

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    No, you will get nearly no time at all. Once they walk the deck, they go back, change over, and get bussed out to their new duty station.

    It really depends though. If he's headed to Japan or whatnot, hey, go see him one last time. But if he's staying inside CONUS, he'll have a chance to get home during the holidays or a longer weekend.

    Just don't go way out of your way to get to this graduation expecting anything more than a quick hug and small talk before he goes on his way and hits the fleet.

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    SOI is the school, but was he in ITB (Infantry Training Battalion), or MCT (Marine Combat Training)?

    I was in MCT and upon graduating from MCT, we went back to our small squad bays, changed into our Service Alphas, and were bussed to the airport and flew to our next stop as a student in the Marine Corps.

    If you live close, sure, go and see him, but do not make the trek out there if it's far or costly for you.

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    Only lasts 15-20 minutes or so, nothing as elaborate as Boot Graduation.

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    Simply no, dont go...Boot Camp is really the only graduation that a parent should go to. You wont feal welcome there at all...and you will be one of only maybe 5 parents...and he will only have like 10 minutes to see you then hes off.

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    I just graduated MCT and honestly from my POV it would not be worth the time or the money to go see it unless you were an hour or two drive away and want your son/daughter wants to see you on their liberty the day before

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    Man, I don't even remember anything from my SOI graduation. That's how insignificant that ceremony is. Ditto, if you don't live nearby, it's not worth your time.

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    When I graduated SOI it was graduation on a bus and off to my unit. So yeah don't even worry bout it its not worth it.

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    SOI grad sounds like boot grad from the 50's

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