Looking for a good combat knife
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    Looking for a good combat knife

    Semper Fi, My son is currently in Afghanistan and i wanted to send him a good folding knife. I've seen a lot of ads but I would rather pick from some based on experience. Thanks,

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    Kershaw makes fantastic knives. Check them out, I think they manufacture ZT (Zero Tolerance) knives as well...other than that, I've heard good things from Benchmade, Ka-Bar, and Surefire. I use/carry a auto S&W everyday, but I wouldn't recommend that for in-country.


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    Smith and wesson makes some good ones, so does SOG.

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    I had a S&W SWAT knife and a leatherman blast muilti-tool.

    Kershaw and Gerber are very well made, Benchmade is the best but cost the most.

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    I always had a leatherman on me. Next to my rifle that was the best tool I ever had. Used that thing for everything from opening MRE's to fixing my humvee great tool! I would suggest that.

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    Check out Emerson. You absolutely get what you pay for.


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    SOG knives are about the best one for the price. Benchmade is nice, but you will need to take a second morgage on your home to afford one.

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    The best combat/fighting knives are fixed blades but if it must be a folder there are a lot of options.

    Cold Steel makes some FABULOUS knives.

    The Voyager series is one GREAT folding/fighting knife series. The EX. LG. CLIP POINT VOYAGER is a nice choice.

    Looks like this:

    You could also look at the Large or Extra Large Tanto tips.

    They look like this:

    There is also the SOG Speck Elite II and the Pentagon Elite II

    My husband carried the Columbia River Hissatsu Folder while he was in country.

    For a fighting knife you want a straight edge. Serrated edges have a tendency to skip over skin and clothing and they can be a bit harder to stab with but straight edges cut smooth and the longer and smoother the cut the more it will bleed (think razor cuts). They also stab smooth. You also get more blood loss and damage and that is a good thing if you are fighting with a blade.

    Any of the knives shown above come in a straight edge or combination option, you just have to select it.

    If you feel you must have a serrated edge go with half serrated/half smooth so you can still get that ease of cut, slash and stab.

    Full serrated blades tend to get very beat up and some of the teeth can get knocked off if doing serious hacking and cutting. They look wicked but as far as practicality and fighting edges are concerned they aren't the greatest.

    My husband and I are both huge gun and knife people. While he was deployed he was called "the knife guy," he was passing out knives to anyone in his unit who did not have them. We've both trained for knife fighting and still do. It's one of our many passions.

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    Sent this one to my son.


    I chose this knife for my son, when he was deployed, because it had a multi-functional with locking tools and a blade, serrated, that could be opened with a slight movement of the thumb. It was pretty quite as well.
    The other suggestions were real good. It all comes down to what the knife's purpose will be.

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    Well I've looked at some of the Leatherman Tools. and I was thinking maybe the Black Oxide Surge for a multitool, and then possibly still a folder for more or less an emergency type deal versus an actual fixed fighting knife. I appreciate all the input. Any comments on Columbia Rivers M16 series or maybe the SOG Flash II?

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    I've had a Leatherman tool for ages and it was the best investment I ever made. I used it a lot in Desert Storm.

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    A friend gave me a S&W SWAT knife a couple years back. It's a rugged knife, good for everyday use but it's a bit larger then your normal folding type but if you're in a jam and can't get the blade out you can always throw at an attacker and it'll probably knock 'em out lol.

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    While working gun shows, selling knives, I heard a lot of complaints about CRKT ( Columbia Rivers ). Most were due to rust.
    The SOG was OK.
    Victorianox and Wegner are great multi tools.
    The Ka-Bar Mule, not the compact version, the full size is tuff as they come and comes with a very versatile sheath. It is a folder.
    The Emerson, while pricey is an excellent knife. Google reviews on Emerson Knives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boost View Post
    Any comments on Columbia Rivers M16 series or maybe the SOG Flash II?
    I would avoid the Columbia i remember it just rusting and be a general crappy knife. I still would say leatherman.

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