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    That Wouldnt Be The Clap Would It

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    Welcome aboard Doc...........

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    We love our Docs, welcome aboard!

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    Hello and welcome aboard!

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    Welcome aboard Sir, Semper Fi.

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    Hey doc!

    [quote=SokDok;572936]Hello All,

    New Doc onboard, wanted to say Hi. My son, MontezumaCpl referred me here. I'm a fomer Doc and retired Navy. He tells me this is a great website, so I hope to see you all here, if I can figure out this crazy computer.

    Semper Fi,

    ps. dont forget to change those socks!

    HM3doc here:
    Good to have ya onboard. I just added your son to my friends list. He was mentioning you on there.
    If I can figger this thing out (I got trouble doin' this computer too) I'll send you a friend request.
    But I was at Camp Pendleton with the 1st Med BN. I was in only four years from '83 - '87. Guess I'm a Cold War vet too.
    If you're retired suppose you might have been in during 'Nam?

    semper fi

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    Welcome to this Site Doc.This is a Good Place to Be.I cant explain it but You Will Feel It.Welcome Back to THE Marines.The Best People in the World.Semper Fi

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    Welcome Doc

    Change the socks ! Yep that sounded familiar

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    Welcome aboard Doc.

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    welcome aboard Doc

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    Of cause this is a Given and UNDERSTOOD-THE MARINES ARE ALWAYS COMBAT READY. GOD Bless EM-Sure the Marines are Tough-This Life is No Picnic0r Rose Garden.

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    I know,,,,, hang your socks on the back of your pack,, and they will dry out. Right, Doc.

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    Welcome Doc! I'm not old enough to drink, so I'll buy you a "welcome aboard" beer in about 2 years.

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    Reporting aboard...

    Also just joined. Former HM2, did my reserve duty with 1 MARBDE MEDDET 120 and 4 FORCE RECON, Honolulu. Good to be back in touch with the Corps family. Sorry, could't find a green crow for my avatar!

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    Welcome Doc SkipK-Nice to See Doc's,joining Leatherneck here.This place has Great People as you will See.Also you get the Pride of Being Back with THE MARINES.Nice to meet Ya.

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