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Thread: Choosing my MOS

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    Choosing my MOS

    Hello Marines, I did do a search but its just not getting me the answers im looking for, well as of now my options for my MOS are ground option, aviation support, and security forces, im leaning towards security forces and i was wondering how it compares to the other two and if anybody has served in any of these if they could give me some information on how things worked out for them.

    I am not set to ship to boot until june 28th so i still have some time but i want to get my MOS as soon as possible so i know where i need to be physically and mentally before, what is most appealing to me about security forces is FAST and i was wondering how people are selected and what i should to my recruiter about.

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    Complete your profile and people will be more likely to answer your questions.

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    and PM thedrifter to have this moved over to Ask A Marine, none of us poolees have any idea what FAST is like, or how to get there.

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    Do some research! Talk it over with your family and recruiter. Make sure you find something you think you're legitimately going to enjoy because you'll be doing it all day, every day for quite some time.

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