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    I have a Marine what was a LCpl on Non-rec due to failing a PFT. He picked up on the first to CPL due to the paperwork on his non-rec not being filed properly. He is being paid E4 pay and mol and my pay both have him as a CPL. The shop is trying to reduce him in rank back to LCpl. He said that theres a SGT in a different shop that picked up similar to his situation because an order that if you are being paid as an E5 then your an E5 or E4 an E4. And the only way to remove rank is NJP. Its a their fault your gain kinda case. Now Im wondering if there is an order on this or if said CPL is just making lies to try to keep his rank.

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    I highly doubt the part about being paid as an E5 makes you an E5 is true. If there was a glitch in the system and they started paying me as an O3, does that automatically mean I will be promoted from a Sergeant to a Captain? No.

    I'm not sure what the procedures are to fix this situation. Has he been pinnned on? If he's been pinned on, then he will likely stay a Cpl. If they did try to NJP him, he could request mast or even challenge it to court martial. If he hasn't been pinned on, the admin Marine could fix his pay, which would result in him re-imbursing the government for the excess pay he received at the Cpl rate. But I'm not an admin Marine, so I can't really help you too much.

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    That makes sence and how do you delete posts. I tried posting this only once but kept getting a error page. which is why there are so many posts. Internet these days. And no. He wasnt pinned. We did the formation with him in it.

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    You can send a message to one of the mods asking them to delete the other threads.

    If he didn't get pinned on, then he will likely stay as a LCpl without being NJP'ed, but he will have to re-imburse the government.

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    They fixed the other threads. I really hate when that happens. I explained this to the marine in question and he said "you dont know what your taking about". I think he will get put back to Lcpl. I just wanted to know if it was true or not.

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    Even if the Marine has pinned on he may receive a non-punitive reduction per MCO P1400.32D for Professional Incompetence.

    (2) Professional Incompetence
    (a) A Marine who fails to exhibit military attributes to the
    degree appropriate for the current grade is professionally incompetent. These
    attributes include, but are not limited to: leadership, force, judgment,
    integrity, military presence and bearing, reliability, obedience, moral
    fitness, physical fitness, endurance, and self-discipline.

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    When I was in there was a procedure for administrative reduction in grade. I researched it because I was going to recommend one of my Marines for that, but he took matters into his own hands and gave us cause for a reduction at office hours.

    Also, around the same time, I was told that a SSgt at the Camp Pendleton PMO was being admin reduced to Sgt for incompetence and transferred. There was a SSgt who disappeared around that time, but I never found out for certain. I didn't push confirming the matter either as I would have been told to **** off. SNCO Mafia in action.

    I would imagine there is still a procedure out there for those glaring mistakes that creep through.

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    they need a program that you can just type things in and find orders reguarding them.

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    Bring that Marine up to a competency review board. This way no NJP will be given, but the individual may not remain an NCO. Check MCO P1400.32C Chapter 6. This will give you more details I am sure

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    I had a couple of Marines in the past that I non-rec'd and they still popped up in the system for promotion. Simple fix. They didn't pin him and the 1stSgt dealt with admin to fix the problem. It doesn't look good for the unit to have to go back and fix a problem like this but if it was the units fault, oh well.

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    Wow, I was gonna come in here running my suck about something that wasn't true.

    While I was at MOS school, there was an initial entry lance who was squared away and had been sitting at the school house for a while. He had to get non-reced every month because his cutting score rated a promotion, but he wasn't allowed to be an NCO if he hadn't even been to a duty station. Well, one month when they went to non-rec him, MOL was down. So they said oh well, and promoted him.

    All because our admin section was too lazy to look up how to not promote him even though they were supposed to.

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    I had a similar situation as 0331 2 0369. Poor admin actions (or lack thereof), but the 1stSgt fixed it quick.

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