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    This thread is done

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfeydawg View Post
    Sorry but by government housing I mean I was taken to a house full of poor choice makers as they call us and most of the males can only join the military but the thing is we usually can't stay in school long because of families and stuff so at 16 with a ged we can join the military. And for me I like Marines.
    I can't believe I am actually dignifying this **** with a response........It sounds like you are good at making bad choices, the most recent of which is mouthing off to the Marines on this forum. You are too darn young, you have no HS diploma, and can't control your soup cooler. It's not looking good for ya right now skippy. Finish school, learn a little respect, and THEN come back and see if we can help ya out.

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    Exactly why I'm there Sir. And from what the house parents say the only help we have is military help. To help us learn respect. So I am here for help so to say.

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    You're still to young at 15 to join the Marine Corps. Even if you get a GED, you still need at least 15 college credits, and hope that you don't haven't been in trouble with the law.

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    Don't know

    I don't know how many I have but I have took college mechanic courses 48 hours but don't know how many credits I got.

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    You need counseling. Speak with somebody at DSS or CPS or something.

    There's vocational training available, a whole myriad of programs.

    Do you have a record? Medical issues?

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    I take anger counseling and he says its about sadness deep inside or something about my mom leaving when I was three and is now a h** in cali. I have a slight record for fighting but nothing to serious.

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    You either have a record or you don't...not slight.

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    I don't care if you lick windows, take the special bus or occasionally pee on yourself.

    You hang in there sunshine, you're special!

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    It was never brought in front of a jury so I don't know if it went on record or not?

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    This needs to be said clearly, so this kid understands.

    You can not join the U.S. war machine at 15. The minimum age is 17 WITH parental consent (that's a signature from your parents).

    You also can't join with only a GED. You would need to take college courses, level 100+ for 15 CREDIT HOURS, not clock hours. That's months of school, not 48 hours (2 weeks?).

    If you have a child on the way you need to get off this site and drop what is a very unrealistic pipe dream you're having and go find a NOW job, not a 5 years down the line job. Go work at a grocery store or fast food place and make some money for the mom and baby.

    You're too young, under educated, have a criminal record, and unmarried with dependents. The U.S. military isn't going to take you, period.

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    I can't do anything else sorry to disappoint you sir.

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    Well kiddo....the Marine Corps can't do anything for you either. If you think that by joining the Marine Corps is going to give you an easy way of life by sitting on your arse all day long, you're wrong. There's lots that goes into EARNING the title Marine, not just signing a piece of paper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfeydawg View Post
    I can't do anything else sorry to disappoint you sir.
    You don't really have a choice in the matter. Either you work or your family won't eat. Go mow lawns, wash cars, clean dishes, scrub toilets. I've done it all to feed my family. What the **** you mean you can't do anything else?!? What you cant do is become a Marine.

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