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    TMO question

    I dont know if anyone would know this but is it possiable for TMO to pick up stuff at multiple places or does everything have to be in one location... my reason for asking is because my husband is going to be reenlisting and we have some stuff in storage, and a dryer at my parents, then the most of the stuff at our apt. Our apt is to small to hold all the stuff so that is why i am asking about multi pick ups.. thanks for the help.

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    If the stuff in storage is government storage, then yes, it could be picked up and transported to your final destination. Otherwise, no. They will not pick up the dryer. They will however pick up everything at your apartment.

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    unles you have hookups. lol because im tmo and someone had stuff at 2 local places apartment included.

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    Yea it's alittle different if you know someone who is TMO, true. People always try to get me to help them out.... Gets annoying.

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    Well that is good info to have. looks like we might not have to take dryer after all.. but now i have to worry about my husbands big matco tool box...

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