Just read this Army news blub in the local paper
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    Just read this Army news blub in the local paper


    Enlisted can resign? They rode a man to death?

    Anyone know any background?

    TOLEDO, Ohio -- A military official said charges have been dropped against one of four U.S. soldiers who were accused of mistreating others in their platoon.

    The charges came following an investigation into the suicide of an Ohio serviceman in Iraq.

    A military spokesman said Friday that Spc. Daniel Weber of Frankenmuth, Mich., has submitted his resignation from the Army and that he's likely to testify against two of his unit supervisors.

    Weber and the three others were charged in August after investigators began looking into death of Pvt. Keiffer Wilhelm who grew up in Willard, Ohio.

    The military said there is no direct evidence that the soldiers' alleged misconduct caused Wilhelm's death.

    But Wilhelm's family believes that he was treated so badly that he took his own life.

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    Maybe he was IRR and came on orders for some extra money. I don't think they sign a contract.

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    It might actually be an officer and the media got the rank wrong. Wouldn't surprise me. Wouldn't be the first time either.

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    Or it could be simply a request for administrative separation (i.e., resignation).

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    he could have been in for 6years already

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    Army enlisted have certain codes of "resignation" when serving "unspecified enlistment". There are multiple categories for this, including, but not limited to,
    1) for the good of the service;
    2) in lieu of resignation for misconduct or inefficiency;
    3) in lieu of board action when based on unfitness;
    4) in liew of board action when base on unsuitability;
    5) unconditional resignation; and
    6) in lieu of seperation for disloyalty or subversion.

    So, I think the operative phrase is "unspecified enlistment" which could possibly combine BR34's and awbrown's comments.

    I started this with "Army enlisted" but I think they are actually DoD codes, which means they could apply across all branches. I don't think the Corps permits too many of these. My only experience with these types has been with those individuals with dual citizenships.

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    I don't have to much to say. Just watch out the newGOV.is in now. I hate to say it Old Dogs but this new fuc* they have now is scary. So keep the weapons handy and the eyes & ears sharp just incase. Rember we are in a time that is new. For what ever that means. I geuss we need to ask the lire Obama and the rest of his people so they can fu*k us up the ass some more. SSGT. Francisco

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