Airmen More Physically Fit Than Marines?
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    Thumbs down Airmen More Physically Fit Than Marines?

    New Air Force recruiting videos are out and they bashing the Marines. Check it out:

    Apparently the Air Force boot camp is physically tougher than Marine boot camp. Watch the video in week 1, it is hilarious! Anyone else notice the lack of intensity in their training?

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    I think I was saw this video on the military channel. Note the rifles painted blue and stenciled with inert on them. The flack vests say on the back contain no plates; for training purposes only. Air raid ... everybody grab their orange cone and go set them up for medivac. Why not just put them on their heads and run around in circles? LOL ... my brother is retired air force and I never miss a chance to bust his chops. That one just plain cracked me up.

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    Hold that rifle in the crook of your arms, during a low crawl, so that you flag your buddy instead of the bad guys.

    Can't say much as that's what Marine recruit training tells you to do also.

    Never saw the air force a lot, only at March when we'd do NEO's and such. Their chicks are pretty hot though.

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    Everyone needs to skip the intro and click on "Week 1" to see the video of the Airmen talking about how it's tougher than the Marine Corps, Army, or Navy.

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    Yes, Air Force does have some nice chicks, thats about all they got going for them outside of pilots.

    A buddy who I played football with in HS is in the Air Force, he said two a days were tougher than their basic training.

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    This is the only hard thing i've seen in the air force

    I salute her!

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    I did. All week one is, is some drill sergeant talking about processing and introduction to military life. I'll watch the rest later.

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    Sgt Spriggs looks like the DC Weatherman

    I needed a good laff

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    Quote Originally Posted by firedog974 View Post
    This is the only hard thing i've seen in the air force

    I salute her!
    God Bless you, Devil Dog!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alisium View Post
    God Bless you, Devil Dog!

    Could you imagine her as your DI? SCHWING!!!! Her recruits (or whatever they are called in the air force) must have had a hard (pun intended) time when she was leading them in 10 count body builders.

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    Watching the videos, I cant believe how soft they all are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by firedog974 View Post
    This is the only hard thing i've seen in the air force

    I salute her!
    Yeah, buddy! My privates are at the POA for that one! Good thing she's a STAFF Sergeant!

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    I thought the new AF recruiting video was cute. It's like a chihuahua thinking it's a bulldog.

    Whatever the AF has to tell themselves to sleep at night....

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