Chewed out for sunglasses???
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    Chewed out for sunglasses???

    So i was in the chow hall the other day, and got called over by a Lcpl. Apparantley i wasn't allowed to wear my sunglasses on the back of my head in civilian attire. He chewed me out as if i had my cover on backwards indoors. Maybe then i would have understood why he made such a scene. Was I wrong to wear them like that?

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    yes. you wear them on the front of your face or not at all.

    you're not back on the block

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    i woulda said something to you as well...and i always make the wannabe thugs pull there pants up and straighten their hats...even as a civilian before i came back in..

    you are a Marine...act like one...or do they not teach what proper civilian attire is anymore?

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    And you may want to square away and fill out all of your profile there shapsug.

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    Thanks for the help.

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    The LCpl was correct. Good on him.

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    Try to maintain a professional image at all times. Like the SSgt said, your not back on the block.

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