putting in for Leave on MOL
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    putting in for Leave on MOL

    I am trying to put in for leave on MOL for the first time and had some quick questions. First, on the calendar icons next to leave requests for depart and return, when I click the calendar icon it brings up a 404 error instead of the actual calendar, so I need to put the dates in manually. What format should I write the dates in. Also, what is the most efficient way to manage leave dates? From what I have been told weekends count against your leave so what I wanted to was put in for one week Monday-Friday, would it be a better idea to go Monday-Saturday though so I wouldn't have to check in on Friday then turn around and drive back for the weekend?

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    Have you asked your NCO's? That should be the first person you ask for matters like this. Actually, theres probably a salty PFC or Lance around who knows the answer to your questions.

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    I talked to my NCO about it and he told me to put it in on MOL. We tried to do it on the computer at our shop, but the internet was down.

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    DD MMM YYYY is the format you'll use. You can figure out how to manage your days however you want. You should look at your start time at being 1201, and your return time as 1159, that way you minimize the ammount charged. I.E leaving Monday at 1201, and returning Friday at 1201, would charge you 3 days. Weekends DO count. Also, any holidays count, so when you take leave around Christmas time, that 96 for Christmas, and the other one for New Years do get charged to your account if you're on leave.

    You really should be getting this guidance from your NCO's though, if all they are telling you is "go on MOL" ask for clairification on things you don't understand.

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    If your leave ends on a Saturday, you still have to check in with the Duty on Saturday.

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