question about marine security forces prp
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    question about marine security forces prp

    im not sure about marine security forces prp, are they soley stationed stateside protecting nuclear assets or are they deployed, and can you join a fast company from marine security forces prp or only marine security forces.

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    Marine will always be capitalized! Fill out the rest of your profile so the Marines who are going to answer your questions know who they are talking to, and read the rules in the Poolee & Ask A Marine forums.
    Also...use the search bar first!

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    sorry mam, i will make the changes and repost

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    You can not guarantee PRP, you can enlist with a UV contract (MCSF). If you make it through boot camp, SOI, BSG, and the PRP screening then you might get orders for one of the two PRP commands. If that happens you will then spend the next two years standing post, you will not be able to go to FAST, and you will not be able to deploy.

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