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Thread: my son is at PI

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    Quote Originally Posted by stayck1 View Post
    My son is officially at Parris Island and scheduled to Graduate Dec. 4th, 09 with Lima Co. I am a PROUD mamma
    Hello happy parents, are you going to see him Graduate? My Mom came to Paris Island when I did, sure meant a lot to me back in Nov. 1963. James A Bevis

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    Outstanding news there Stacy. Best of luck to both you and him.

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    Mary Esther
    Congratulations!! Now the ride begins, my Son graduated PI Sept 25th and is currently waiting to get picked up for training at CP. Be prepared for an amazing transformation come graduation. You'll never forget the day you see your son as a new Marine.

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    Welcome, anithing you need to know ..web site for the Marine parents, finding the first picture of your son platoon on the web site.

    Just a jocke o.k. ..!!! please do not send hem a teddy bear..!!! one Marine mom send her son a Bear to bootcamp for Chrismas and a big card ..!!! and the poor tedy bear along with the recreut had a very hard time , but at the end they bouth end up graduating bootcamp ..!!

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    Waiting for one to finish is harder than being there.

    I completed Parris Island in late October 1976. My son completes on November 20th 2009. I thought the three months i was there were the longest ever but i was wrong this three months were even longer. We have reserved 5 rooms on MCAS Beaufort and have almost 20 family members going, 6 are Marines. This is the proudest day of every Marines journey and should be shared with as many family members as possible. Nothing like a Parris Island Graduation. I believe my sons graduation makes me more excited then mine. SEMPER FI

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    jar - watch out for the gators!
    and thank you for your service.


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    Congrats Mom. As everyones says the change will be remarkable.
    I have a nephew down on the Island . Golf Co. Plt 2085.
    Graduation day November 25.
    SEMPER FI!!!

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    Congrats Mom .It is all down hill from here a boy turning man a Marine. SSGT. Francisco.. One old Drill Instructor.from P.I.

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    WOW I just realized I haven't really been on this site since my son was in bootcamp 2 yrs ago! Hey Stacey! I am the Mom of a Soldier & a Marine. It is a tough job being the parent of a service member but someone has to do it. It has been a totally different experience from being an Army Wife for 22 yrs that is for sure. My younger brother has been a Marine for 16 yrs and he was so happy when one of his nephews followed in his footsteps. Both Ken & Justin graduated from PI as did Ken's wife. Ken is currently deployed to Afghanistan and Justin is stationed at Lejeune, He is a tech for the amphibious assault vehicles. Not much longer and your son will be graduating!! Don't forget the tissues!!

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    18 years in the blink of an eye
    13 weeks like an eternity
    10 day not nearly long enough

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    Congratulations you have a right to be proud.

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    We were lucky and had Justin home for a month. He had his 10 days leave plus 20 days as his Recruiters assistant.

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    Igraduated from Boot Camp on 4 December 1987, a great day to graduate!!!!
    Take Care!


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    18 years in the blink of an eye
    13 weeks like an eternity
    10 day not nearly long enough

    yeah, that about sums it up.

    PFC (meritorious) James (soon to be Lcpl, meritorious)
    BC - 24 July 2009 PI Fox Co 2D BN PLT 2046
    MCT - 01 Sept 2009 Geiger Golf Co
    MOS - 10 Nov 2009 Ft Sill (currently finishing up at Coronado)

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    I think this time of year is the best weather for boot camp at Parris Island. I went to boot camp 23 Sept 91 - 20 Dec 91. I have to admit though, it was only 9 degrees when we graduated. Standing out there in a skirt and pantyhose... it was so cold but we didn't care, it was one of the best days of our life.

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