Advice for helping a former female marine re-enlist
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    Question Advice for helping a former female marine re-enlist

    Hello, I was an Active Duty Devil pup when I get discharged from the usmc after 17 mos. of service. I did my mci's, ran a first class, did good at my job (I was a helicopter mechanic). I got "snapping hip syndrome" and was told that I was on a medical board for it and if I did not get off it, I would be processed for seperation in 6 mos. Well, turns out I was never on an OFFICIAL med board, I was on a limdu board and was only on it for like 2 mos while I did my phsyical therapy. (And I was still working and doing my job, even though I was on light duty, I was never behind a desk.) When I healed, I had a sgt. get in a fight with me out on one of the helicopters after he threw a metal pipe at me in the cockpit. I, after being hazed heavily by him for months while the male boots I came in with were treated much better, lost my temper and threw it back. (I never had an outburst at him before, but continually let him haze me. I ran 40lb toolboxes up and down the flightline and got hit with stuff constantly, such as mop handle. I had to eat my chow in the show and was basically counted down, but the males got to do their own thing. I never *****ed or complained, just did as I was told and let by-gones be by-gones) I greatly, greatly regret it now. I was put in Balboa Mental Hosp by my SGTMAJ that day... I stayed there a week. Next thing I knew, I had a 'diagnosis' of Borderline Personality Disorder for my 'outburst' and was seperated for it 3 mos. later. I am trying to get back into the USMC. I can not find a good recruiter and have been trying for the past year and half. I've had VA prove that nothing is wrong with me and everything that was going on with me was purely situational. I ended up getting a 3p re-enlistment code for my "injuries" and had an honorable discharge.... but is there anything I can do to get back in? I wasn't the pup to sass or smart off, but enough was enough that one day. (I was also being abused by my husband at the time and when my sgt maj noticed a bruise around my neck, she simply told me not to bring it into work.) I ended up losing faith in my command and gave in. Now I'm 19, receiving 40 % disability from the VA and am totally ashamed of myself. I have had reccomendation letters sent from CPL's and Sgt's and SSGT's and a captain that I worked for. I just need advice on getting back in, as MEPS denied me once- I have one more shot that's it. (I was told by my recruiter that I was approved medically, but the time in service was what hung me up- USMC is frozen over until January) I need a good recruiter... Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    You need to fill out your profile fully prior to anyone answering your questions. Once that has been accomplished, I am sure that you will receive the answers you are seeking.

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    I sent her a PM.

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    Filled out my profile - - - was working on it.

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    Roger that. Unfortuately, I do not have the information that you have requested, however, I do know that there are some Marines on this site that will be able to help you. Additionally, I have seen this subject come up in the past (NOT the same exact circumstances but some of the came quesitons ie. RE code) so, try to search for it. that may help you as well. Good luck in your search for informtation and with your quest in re-joining the finest organizaiton in the world.

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    As a recruiter I can tell you that the Corps is always looking for qualified women Marines and with the down fall of the economy HQMC has tighted the standards for enlistment. You will have to wait till no later than 20100101 before you can even attempt to re-enlist. having a prior medical discharge, its looking very slim. find a recruiter in your area and have him / her give you a no bull assesment and see what they think. In my AO unless your a 50 or above AFQT its a no go. Best of luck to you!

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    RE-3P, probably separation code JFX1.

    Might not want to hear this but I knew a guy in your position. He had me research everything for him so he could basically fight his way back in. I figured out his best course of action, goto another branch. Sadly probably the Army because they take anyone. Once you get in there, do a job for the shortest enlistment possible. You may even be able to get a year but probably two. Do your two years, soon as you get out go see a Marine recruiter. Then they just use your RE-1 and you're good. Instead of fighting with boards.

    I do have one question, if you're ok why are you getting 40% from the VA?

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