1st Anglico Sub Unit 1 Blue Dragon Brigade
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    1st Anglico Sub Unit 1 Blue Dragon Brigade

    Looking for any of you guys, gazers and non gazers, jumpers and legs alike. Served on Nui Tron, An Hoa, also 2 nd Bn 7th CO call: Latin Rebel 14 Charlie. Bien Son 1966 to Hoi An 1968. Air Team member under Captain Stephen Pless. After his big day, I went to an air team in 2nd Bn under Captain Ramsey and later Lt. Haag. Airborne!

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    Bien Son 1966

    I was at Bien Son when we first arrived in country with Capt Pless and Capt Ramsey. I was a Corporal at the time. SSgt Thomas, J Milstead, N Schelling, Norvick, and Bob Sherwood to name a few were also there. We had three dogs at that time there was Mary, (mine) **** head and Gunny.

    I was sent by Capt Pless to 3 Corps in November of 1966 to be part of the team commanded by Capt Yarnell in Baria!
    Semper Fi

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    My brother, James Gracey, was an Anglico Marine in Vietnam in '67 and '68. He served at least one tour with the ROK's but I do not know which unit. I am trying to find anyone that may remember him.

    He had a nick name of KATO, I don't know if that was his call sign or not.

    Thank you to any that reply.

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    04 oct 67 - 24 oct 68

    Just attended the 61st B'Day celebration at Area 41, Camp Pendleton, held on 1 & 2 March, and hosted by LyCol Bruggeman, no relation to the Bruggeman that we lost.

    Photos of the festivities are on our ANGLICO website at 1anglico.org/forums. William Homberg and Pat O'Connor are great photographers, and shared their shots. Also we have some links to the Camp Pendleton write up.

    FYI, Joel Eisenstein and many of the Easter Offensive guys have just returned from a trip to Vietnam.

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    I was the Senior Corpsman (Doc Milhouse) with 1st ANGLICO from August 1968 to February 1969 serving under LtCol R.C. Watson. I would enjoy hearing from any and all unit members during the time period I was assigned. My email address is ccmjr744@gmail.com.
    Collins C. Milhouse, Jr. HMCS (FMF) USN Retired

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