Tool to learn your Marine Corps knowledge
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    Tool to learn your Marine Corps knowledge

    Hey fellow poolees. If you are like me, you are trying to learn your General Orders and Rank Structure before you even get to the yellow footprints.

    I whipped this up when I DEPped in, and have had it as my desktop background since.

    I now know all the ranks Enlisted and Officers, front to back, and what they look like, and am halfway through memorizing the General Orders.

    I thought it might help some of you out there.

    Learn it now so your Drill Instructor can spend more time teaching you to be a warrior then ITing your azz for not knowing this already.

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    Great Idea...I have a dry erase board on the wall in my room, so I just drew the ranks and wrote the General Orders. I know all the ranks and memorized half of the orders...

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    I have the ranks down but have a hard time memorizing the General reminds me of trying to memorize stuff for science one ear and out the other.

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    Dont forget the warrant officer ranks

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    See, that's a good point.

    I'll see what I can do.

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    This is going to be my new laptop background for a while.

    Now when I'm procrastinating, I'll actually learn something useful instead of just staring at Megan Fox

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    I learned the General Orders and Rank Structure through straight memorization. Hours of writing, saying, then re-writing. It paid off in about a week.

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    I'm learning the Core Values of Honor Courage and Commitment the General orders are next

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    Thumbs up yeah

    After you guys have either the rank structure or general orders memorized, have someone yelling at you while you're at the position of attention. This will get you ready for it while the DI's are yelling at you in boot camp.

    One way that I found useful for memorizing general orders is to post sticky notes in places like above your bed, in the bathroom, on the dashboard, etc... I learned them in 2 days.

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    I had to rearrange the picture so I could keep my aim tool bar up



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    Isn't there more to learn than this? Should we be learning the history, commands and alphabet abbreviations as well, or is that something we learn at boot? I hope to be as prepared as possible.

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    Great idea!

    I remade one in Wide Screen incase anyone wants that. It was too messed up for my monitor even if you resized it.

    Size is 1280x720

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    Great idea! This is now my desktop background. As much time as I'm on my computer, I should have it all memorized in no time!

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