September 16, 2009
Al Qaida moves the battle to Iraq
By James Lewis

Suppose you were Osama Bin Laden or his successor, and you're pitted against Barack Bin Obama, President by the Grace of God, Fearless Conqueror of Hillary, Pitiless Crusader against Greedy and Evil Doctors, Breaker of the Budget. Obama is trying to leave Iraq: He promised it to his good buds on the Left, and they are the only ones who have any clout in this White House. In Afghanistan Obama is nominally committed to the "good war." But never to win; that would be so retro. Winning counts only against Republicans.

What do you do if you're Osama with an S? Easy. You attack where the enemy is retreating. Money is fungible, truck bombs can be bought and Muslim suiciders travel. The Americans are pulling back in Iraq, so that's where you start to truck-bomb civilians again, to show that they can't rely on the Americans, and the Iraqi government is helpless. The goal is to spread terror until the people buckle under again. What would you do if a terror group were free to explode truck bombs in your supermarket?

In Iraq we are therefore seeing a series of massive suicide bombs against civilians. American military sources think AQ is doing it. Ahmadinejad may be aiding them, or anybody else, including Saudi princes and Iraq's own political parties. It's a snake's nest. But the Gulf region is the biggest source of oil. Whoever controls the Gulf controls Europe and the Middle East. Who else will do it besides the US? Well, there's Ahmadinejad just waiting in the wings. Things will be so much better when the Yazdi Twelver cult controsl the region.

In Afghanistan Obama has imposed new rules of engagement, resulting in four US Marines killed last week when they were pinned down and denied artillery support. We are going to see more US deaths if Obama leaves our military on the defensive. The terrorist can read the New York Times, and when Obama signals weakness they start to drool. Step by step, Obama is giving in to the horror headlines sponsored by the Left-Islamist media. If you believe CNN International, every Predator aims at wedding parties. It's amazing how many weddings the Taliban celebrate right in the path of US air attacks, with news "reporters" around the corner to take pictures. The Left-Islamist war against the United States is half propaganda and half bombs and bullets. Our media are happy to run headlines against the United States, and the terrorists are happy to make up photo ops. For jihadist robots killing civilians is just as easy. Allah will know his own.

In sum: Eight years after 9/11/01, the US is being attacked again by Al Qaida, but this time in Iraq. They will attack us where they see weakness, and Obama can be pushed most easily in the war he campaigned against. In Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh did exactly the same thing to LBJ, beating him in the American Leftist media. (Thanks, Uncle Walter!) Under George W. Bush we had AQ on the run, but Bush was crucified by the Left for whipping Al Qaida in Iraq. Bush was supposed to wait until they came to New York City again, and get them there. But now Obama's retreat from Iraq will result in a power vacuum that both Al Qaida and Tehran will try to fill. Who knows? The Saudis might be sponsoring AQ in Iraq just to keep the Khomeiniacs at bay.

Domestically the United States is being attacked by the Leftist media and by Alinskified Democrats. The Obama White House is trying to weaken the country by shifting all our resources to endless civil strife, pitting blacks against whites, women against men, welfare abusers against taxpayers, Green fantasy-mongers against producers, illegals against citizens. Sixty percent of the voters no longer pay income taxes, and they can see endless freebies just by voting for the Left. New Orleans, here we come.

Look across the Atlantic to Britain, where the Socialist State is in full control, the military are fatally weakened, and national sovereignty is almost gone. What the Wehrmacht never managed to do against Britain the European Union is now doing by stealth. That is our future if Obamanismo wins the day.

Defeat in Vietnam led to hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese deaths and a genocide in Cambodia. We are on course to repeat that in Iraq, unless the American people take their country back. It may take an Iranian nuclear bomb to wake us up. The Left-wing Israeli newspaper Haaretz recently headlined: Clock is ticking for Iran as Israel appears ready for strike

And what if an Israeli strike doesn't knock out all of Iran's dangerous bombs, missiles, and fanatics ready for martyrdom? It is hardly likely to.

Well, don't bother the cop on the beat. We've resigned.

Now will everybody leave us alone?

Fat chance.