Reserve contract and switch to active or wait until active opens
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    Reserve contract and switch to active or wait until active opens

    I am currently enlisting in the marine corps and have been trying to do so for almost a year now,i had to pay off a couple drinking tickets from college and they put me on 2 ,90 day waits after my tickets were terminated. It is now september and i am done with all my meps stuff i just have to go back get my height and weight checked ,get my waiver signed and sign my contract. My recruiter says he can get me shipped out in october but i would have to have a reserve contract, if i not i would have to wait as long as june or july. Considering ive already been waiting almost a year another 9 months is a long time but i all i wanna do is become a marine and live on the fleet, go to afghanistan and kick some ass, if i were to sign the reserve contact would i be able to switch to active after bootcamp and mct, or would it be smarter to just sign the active contract and wait another 9 months.

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    You can try filling out all of your profile so the Marines who are going to answer your questions know who they are talking to. Read the rules in the Poolee forum and the Ask A Marine forum, and when saying Marine Corps, it will always be capitalized.

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