My 2nd Daughter
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Thread: My 2nd Daughter

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    My 2nd Daughter

    My 2nd daughter was born at 0952 this morning EST. She weighed in at 7 pounds 10 ounces, and 20" long. I will throw pictures up shortly when I get them.

    I wasn't able to be there as I'm still in Comm School, but I'm excited to be finished with school and going home on Thursday the 10th for some leave, and then I can see and hold her!

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    Awesome news dizark.....congratulations!!!

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    Congrats!!!!!!!! Thats Awesome!

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    now, don't be bitter about being comm since you missed it. You didn't miss much as I'm sure you know after #1.


    that is one huge baby by the way! wow. 7#10oz that's like a 5yo child! haha.

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    Congrats Dizark to you and your wife...does she have a name yet or can we have a name the baby contest?

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    Her name is Jeanette Rose. Her middle name is Rose as the name is my wife's mother who passed away in 2006.

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    the name with the most votes wins!! haha. like the international space station.

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    Way to go Marine. May you and the Mrs. have many more.

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    don't curse him so soon after this one was born!

    "May you and the Mrs. enjoy both children"

    there, that's got less of an edge to it.

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    haha SSgt. We plan to have 1 more for a total of 3, but we're going to adjust to having 2 for a bit before we even plan for number 3.

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    Congratulations double daddy.

    Semper Fi

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    CONGRATS to you dizark and to your wife, on the birth of your daughter! Beautiful name!

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    Hey dizark,congratulations POPA...
    I'm sure she's a beautiful and healthy baby...
    God bless Mama,baby and DAD...

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    Belated congratulations all around, dizark. Here's hoping that the mother and daughters are doing fine ( I already know that you are. LOL.) Be good to yourself and complete Comm. School in fine fashion.

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