Wedding ring at boot camp
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    Wedding ring at boot camp

    Please, just to clarify a question that I have been having trouble coming to an answer about.

    Are men allowed to wear wedding rings at boot camp? I've been looking it up and have gotten conflicting views on all sides. Am I right to assume that when I'm in processing they will take the ring and hold it while I'm there?

    If this is the case then I'll just leave it home but I would appreciate it if someone could help me.

    Poolee Timmons

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    I got married right out of boot camp, but to be safe, I would just leave it home. With all the games being played and foot lockers being thrown around. You will wind up losing it or hurrting your finger when it gets pinched from the racks. Be safe and not sorry. Good luck.

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    you will not be able to wear your ring at boot camp

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    Thank you Marines. I appreciate your advice.

    Poolee Timmons

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    Quote Originally Posted by atimmons View Post
    Thank you Marines. I appreciate your advice.

    Poolee Timmons
    no can bring it to boot camp, but you will not be able to wear it during training, it will be tored with your personal would be wise to leave it in a safe place at home...perhaps with your wife

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    There is a phrase used by Marines. "Target Identifier". If you show up on Black Friday wearing a wedding ring, your DI's will swarm like a hobo on a cheese sandwich, telling you how they've screwed your wife since you've been gone and now she's getting passed around or cheating on you back at home. It's all mental games and giving the DI's an advantage like knowing you're married isn't something you want to do.

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    I wasn't allowed to wear mine until after graduation. Didn't matter as I left it home with the wife and she brought it up to me. As soon as I graduated and she came down to see me, first thing I asked for was my ring.

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    don't Poolees ask their recruiter questions anymore?

    I know they have the answer for this.

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