Combat Jobs other than infantry
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    Combat Jobs other than infantry

    I am interested in finding a combat job. I guess like an infantryman but with a special trade. From my own research, I have only come up with Combat Camera and Combat Engineer.

    I was completely in love with the idea of Combat Engineer but I noticed a requirement was normal color vision. AHH! I am only color blind when it comes down to LED lights. I need some direction. Please help, preferably Marines (been there, done that kinda thing).

    Also, how did the poolees get there strength test scores in their threads? Just curious. First post so please be easy on me.

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    Combat Camera isn't really a combat job. I am going into it and I am female. Look into counter intel maybe that would be something you would like. If you want to talk to Marines post in Ask a Marine. You can get your scores and stuff in your post when you make a signature. Hope that helps.

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    My bad. I figured it would be read either way. Thanks for the test scores answer.

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    You cannot get counter-intel as an entry level MOS. You have to Lat move into that MOS. Secondly, double posting will get you in big trouble, if you post a topic in the wrong forum, PM one of the moderators, they will move it to the right forum for you. Third of all, to put your IST scores in each of your posts, click on My Info in the top left hand corner, then scroll down a little bit and find Edit Your Signature on the left down the page a little. You can then put your scores or whatever the hell else you want in every post.

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    look into security forces. From what this Poolee heard they go to School of Infantry, then somewhere in virginia

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    I am a combat engineer and I am also color blind, or color blind by the Marine Corps standards, in other words I failed both of the color test. I don't know if it has changed since I joined but that was back in January so I wouldn't think so.

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