VA Takes Major Step in National CARES Planning Process
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    VA Takes Major Step in National CARES Planning Process


    VA Takes Major Step in National CARES Planning Process

    WASHINGTON (Aug. 4, 2003) - Secretary of Veterans Affairs Anthony J.
    Principi today presented the draft National CARES Plan to the independent
    CARES Commission, which will play a critical role in assessing the proposed
    plan for the future of veterans' health care.

    CARES (Capital Asset Realignment for Enhanced Services) is a landmark study
    of the nation's largest health care system, operated by the Department of
    Veterans Affairs (VA).

    "VA can effectively manage and implement an important program such as CARES
    and deliver results for veterans," said Principi. "These results may come
    with difficult choices. As VA enters the process of making these choices in
    communities across the country, it is important to remember the broad
    outcomes it seeks - more effective use of VA resources to provide more care,
    to more veterans, in places where veterans need it the most."

    The draft National Plan is an important milestone in VA's CARES program to
    assess veterans' health care needs and develop a national plan to meet those
    needs in the future.

    "The draft National Plan's goals are to find savings and reinvest them in
    doctors, nurses and modern health care equipment -- resources crucial to
    direct patient care," said Dr. Robert H. Roswell, VA's Under Secretary for
    Health. "It makes sure the decisions we make today and in the future are in
    line with the health care needs of veterans. Bottom line -- the draft plan
    will allow us to avoid imbalances between the size and location of health
    care facilities and veterans' demand for care tomorrow."

    The approximately 100-page plan is divided into 20 chapters and has hundreds
    of pages of appendices. The draft plan contains key new concepts like
    Critical Access
    Hospitals and greater collaboration with community resources to meet
    veterans' needs and improve access. The entire plan can be viewed at

    The under secretary's review was built into the CARES planning process to
    assure it has a national perspective and a sharing of best practices and
    solutions to provide equity and balance.

    In July 1999, a General Accounting Office study found that VA was spending a
    million dollars a day on unneeded or unused facilities. CARES was developed
    to identify the infrastructure VA will need to care for veterans in the 21st
    century, redirecting resources from unneeded buildings to veterans' care.

    "VA's mission to provide quality health care for America's veterans has not
    changed since its inception. But how that job is done - at what kind of
    facilities, where they are located and which types of procedures are used -
    has seen dynamic change as a result of medical advances, modern health care
    trends, veteran migrations and other factors," said Roswell. "The draft
    National CARES Plan embodies a national roadmap for managing a vital element
    of that change: the capacity and placement of facilities, their
    accessibility and the acute care infrastructure necessary to meet future
    needs of veterans."

    It is important to note that the draft National CARES Plan is still an
    interim step of the CARES process. No final decisions have been made. The
    plan now goes to the CARES Commission. During the three months of
    commission review and hearings, veterans and other stakeholders will have
    ample opportunity to comment on the plan before it is presented to the
    Secretary of Veterans Affairs for final decision in December.

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    In other words, as it is known now, some of our older Veteran's won't get to use the VA's, and will be left to attempt to go it alone. I think this new policy SUCKS big time. What about the ones coming back from Irag? What can they expect as some beneficial health care from the Gov't that says, "We'll take care of you?" I'm afraid, as with the Nam, Gulf War, other's and now this Iragi Freedom B.S., these Vets face a long uphill battle to get what they deserve. I think Principi is nothing but a Con Artist, and won't fight for anything that is "RIGHT AND JUST" for our Veterans. I think he's a yes man, and that our President should come out with a statement to the Veteran's, before elections, JUST WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT THE FOREVER MORE UNSAFE, UNQUALIFIED, DON'T A HOOT, VA, THAT SO MANY OF US HAVE TO RELY ON? And don't lie. Of course that's a stupid statement......DOES ANYONE KNOW A POLITICIAN THAT ACTUALLY TELLS THE TRUTH?" I think "WE VETERAN'S SHOULD COME FIRST BEYOND, AND ABOVE ANY OTHER HEALTH CARE SYSTEM."

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    Big Eagle,
    To address your question...
    The servicemembers that are exiting active duty are given Transition Assistance Programs (TAP classes) up to 180 days before. They are made aware of all VA services available to them.
    I have given these classes and they are in no way biased towards the VA. I make sure everyone knows what they can and cannot expect. It is a lot different even from 12 years ago when I got out and had no idea what I was entitled to.

    If I keep preaching this please forgive me...

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    What is actually taking place is this...
    The Service Members are given these let them know that
    they will have no reason to go to the VA once they have been discharged from the service....
    If the Service Member does not write down on the FORM he is given
    any injuries, ailments, Combat or non-combat prior to his/her Discharge they will NEVER be able to file a claim or receive any type
    of treatment from the Dept of VA...
    There is a VA Rep & an Officer present at that time...
    The Dept of VA is set-up so that it implodes in on itself over time...
    hence no more VA !!!! The VA is not about Treating Veterans any longer it is about squeezing out MONEY from the Veterans
    population to support the Dept of VA salaries...
    If a Disabled Veterans' wife has Hospitalizion Insurance they will
    double dip into that insurance until it is all gone and leave the Veterans Family with a $00.00 balance for her and the kids.
    As you all know all insurance has a cap...meaning there is just so much money for each member....oh yes their reasoning is that the Veteran is not service connected as yet...but we all know that it can take years to get that done...if at all...

    I am not sure if CAS3 works for the VA or how long she has been doing disrespect meant...but her inexperience is showing...
    I have been at it for over 35 years...and am 100% SC T&P....

    Semper Fidelis !!!

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    Colleen, thanks for this post. As a vet, I appreciate it.... now, can you help a vet???


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    Very funny Bruce. Yours should be finished by now.
    P.S. Erectile dysfunction has a special monthly compensation!!! Just kidding with you!
    Marine5...not sure how long you have been around this forum. I do not work for the VA. I work for a VETERAN SERVICE ORGANIZATION at THE BOARD OF VETERAN APPEALS.
    I attend TAP classes and tell the servicemembers the truth. I have seen no VA rep giving false o misleading information at Quantico, the Pentagon, Henderson Hall, Walter Reed, Fort Belvoir, Fort Myers or many others.
    ANY veteran has to do 3 things to get service connected disability compensation.
    1. Have a disability which incurred in or was aggravated by active service.
    2. Have a current diagnosis and prognosis.
    3. Have been continuosly treated since leaving the service.
    There are exeptions and a representative who is honest with you can let you know what you need to have a successful claim.
    At the time a service member attends TAP, he is instructed on how to fill out the necessary paperwork for the VA. Failure to do so in a timely manner results in a very long prosecution of a claim.

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    Sorry to hear about your problem bruce...LOl

    Originally posted by CAS3
    Very funny Bruce. Yours should be finished by now.
    P.S. Erectile dysfunction has a special monthly compensation!!! ....

    but this page might help...


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    LMAO...good job watching my 6 Cook!!

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