SSGT Karl G. Taylor
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    SSGT Karl G. Taylor

    Dear current and former members of the U.S. Marine Corps,

    I am a journalist looking for those who perhaps knew SSGT Karl G. Taylor, who died in combat on Dec. 8, 1968 in Vietnam during Operation Meade River.

    SSGT Taylor earned the Congressional Medal of Honor, and he will be honored again noon Saturday at the Independence Cemetery on state Route 844 in Avella, Washington County, Pennsylvania by Gen. David Papak and a Marine Corps honor guard, who will present his three children, one of them also a Marine, with the Medal of Honor flag.

    I am respectfully asking that those who knew him to contact me, so I can write a story in his honor and remembrance. I approach this with the utmost respect for SSGT Taylor, his family and the U.S. Marine Corps.

    If you would like to contact me, please do so at

    Thank you.

    Summer Wallace-Minger
    Pennsylvania Focus

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    I know of one Marine on this forum that had him as a Platoon Sgt. He may be around shortly. Good luck.

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    Thank you, usmchauer.

    The ceremony is expected to draw between 1,000 and 1,500 veterans of all forces and U.S. Marines, which is quite a number for our little town. Many are coming from Maryland and the Washington, D.C. area on buses, and the local volunteer fire department will be offering their hospitality and a meal following the ceremony.

    Sgt. Joshua Knaufs and the Detachment 5 Military Police Co. Bravo color guard are the honor guard for the event, and one of our commissioners, Larry Maggi, a former sheriff and marine, is organizing the event.

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    Meade River Madness

    S/Sgt.Karl Gorman Taylor Sr.was My S/Sgt. in VietNam,way before Meade River @ during Meade River.He was acting Co.Gunny after our Co.Gunny was very seriously wounded @ later Died of His Wounds.India Co.3rd.Bn.26th Marines."PathFinder" PFC.Gruenwald J.E.

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    Sir, would you be interested in speaking to me about S/SGT Taylor?

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    S/Sgt.Taylor My Hero

    Yes as long as You call Me Jack. I appreciate the Sir but makes Me feel like an Old Fart(lol)

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    Jack, thank you so very much. Is there a particular story about your service with S/SGT Taylor that you would like to share?

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    I have many believe Me,But the day I got Shot Twice in tha Bunkers of Dodge City,How He held my hand Like He was My Father awaiting a Dust Off "Medivac Chopper" under Heavy Enemy Fire and staying with Me the whole time telling Me I was the Best PFC. in tha'whole Marine Corps.S/F Jack

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    That is an incredible story. He must have been a man who was dedicated to the welfare of his fellow Marines.

    Would you be comfortable with speaking to me over the phone?

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    We were His Boys and Marines I heard Him tell A higher ranking Marine once.We can talk only after I have time 2 get a Few Drinks under My belt,Have never really shared this with anyone since the last Time I saw S/Sgt.Taylors live Face.My# is 414-427-2659 Respectfully Jack

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    Jack, I am deeply honored that you would share your memories of S/SGT. Taylor with me. Thank you. I hope that I can do justice to his memory and to you.

    With your permission, I will call you between 8:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Central Time?

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    I should Be Good 2 Go by then Respectfully Jack Heres Too Ya S/Sgt.Taylor S/F Gung-Ho-OOHRAH

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    I look forward to speaking to you in person. Again, thank you.

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    Thank you again to Jack, a lovely gentleman. I have posted some pictures from the ceremony to the album in my profile so others who couldn't travel to the ceremony can look at them.

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    Hello Summer. Perhaps we met at ceremony. I am Ken Rodwick, Karl's son-in-law. I joined here recently myself as I was looking for old friends of Karl's to let them know of the presentation. The family and I will look forward to see how your project progresses. Good Luck. Hope you don't mind if I post links to newspaper sites that had front page articles about the ceremony.

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