Can Marines be Rangers?
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    Can Marines be Rangers?

    I have herd of Marines being in the Army Rangers how does this work?

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    no they can't... that's how that works.

    this is a retarded question.

    would you ask your recruiter this question? if not then don't ask it.

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    No, but they can go to Ranger school.
    Recon battalion sends guys there regularly.

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    I don't care if they can goto the school (which I heard they don't do anymore) this is still a retarded question.

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    I didn't mean to give a "retarded" question just trying to clear up some things I have herd. It did not make sense to me why a Marine would go to a Army school but some Marines I know that are older went to Ranger school. I was simply trying to figure out how this works

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    I am a obvious neophyte and mean no disrespect

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    Really ? Which neophyte are you ?

    Quote Originally Posted by dunn2517 View Post
    I am a obvious neophyte and mean no disrespect
    A neophyte is a beginner in the context of Christianity, the term often refers to a newly ordained priest, a person who recently took a monastic vow, or a new convert to the religion.

    In the Catholic and Orthodox Churches an adult convert is considered a neophyte for one year after conversion. Roman Catholic neophytes are considered full members of the Church, but may not act as sponsors for others planning to join.

    In ecology, a neophyte is a plant species recently introduced to an area (in contrast to an archaeophyte, a long-established introduced species).

    In fraternities, it is a person that is a new convert or member of a secret fraternal organization.

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    I simply learned it as a synonym for Beginner or Novice

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    Quote Originally Posted by dunn2517 View Post
    I simply learned it as a synonym for Beginner or Novice
    Just Checking.

    Good Word

    Carry On....

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    Take the initiative and do some research. While Marines can't be Rangers see if you can figure out how a Marine could get into the Ranger hall of fame.

    Then come back here and report.

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    I have done a little searching and this is from another Military forum and posted by a Marine

    the Army gives the Corps a certain number of slots per year to send Marines through. Force Recon and Recon Battalion get first priority on these slots, and most of their Marines have had the option to attend Ranger School. A handful of slots also get passed on to other parts of the MEF (ANGLICO for example) and Division – particularly the infantry regiments. This usually means that 3 or 4 Marines per regiment get the opportunity to go. Generally the battalions just back from deployment will select one or two Marines (top shelf guys who will be around for the next deployment) and there will be some kind of competition at the regimental level to see who gets the slots. When these guys come back from Ranger School, it is anticipated that they will impart the knowledge gained to their squads, platoons, and companies. Ranger School is without a doubt, the best school out there for patrolling and small unit tactics… it is also a hell of a gut check. Participants learn more about themselves and the others in the class than they do tactics. Frequently, those Marines who complete Ranger School then get a slot to Jump School, but not always. Sometimes those slots are passed out separately.

    Ranger School is not a prerequisite to get into Recon or Force Recon… they have their own criteria. Also, if your infantry battalion sends you to Ranger School, they are going to want to keep you and have you use those skills and pass them on to the battalion, not send you off so that someone else can reap the benefits of your training. Think of it as an investment.

    Can you get it in your contract when you enlist? No.

    I will find the other information about the Marines on the Ranger Hall of Fame.

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    Thank you for the opportunity to place this information up here. Hopefully my Ignorance can help someone in the future who is curious about this subject.

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